Black Gold

Gametype: 1v1
Tileset: Xil (Wasteland)
Map size: 232 x 208 (212 x 180 Playable)


The Dominion discovered this large oil deposit on a recent recon mission in a remote quadrant of Xil. Smugglers apparently had been attempting to collect the oil but have mysteriously disappeared. A small force is being dispatched by the Dominion to secure the area as quickly as possible. Some have heard rumors that the smugglers were consumed by the swarm.

Regardless, the oil is valuable and the Dominion wants to ensure it does not fall into enemy hands. The race has begun. Will the Dominion be able to secure the area quickly enough or will one of their enemies get there first? Tensions are high with so much oil on the line; who will be able to gain control of this Xil quadrant first?


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