Movie Makers

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Make awesome cinematics without even touching the galaxy editor! Use camera angles, special effects, script and more to make movies.

Example movie (sorry, I know my recording tools are bad and I had to record on low quality...):

Showing a few features:

This is an example of a movie you could make using the Starcraft 2 custom map called "Movie Makers". This is the view that a player watching the movie would have, the movie maker still can see controls so he can control the movie.

This isn't quite what it looks like in the game because this is a replay-it will look better in the game and will hide chats that are supposed to be hidden (for example, "@say" or "@text" or "@narr". Also replay mode messes up the theater part at the beginning. Plus I have to play on lowest setting because of my lame-o video card.

Also, the terrain has been updated (thanks to Victiln) and is way better since this movie was made.

So go play it. It's on bnet on US servers, dont know if anyone has uploaded it to EU or Asia servers yet (you can download it here if you want to upload it).


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