Monlyth Battlegrounds

362 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 29, 2012
Monlyth Battlegrounds: Suggested 2v2 map, can also be played as 1v1 or FFA. However during 1v1 mode there will NOT be a guarantee for macro-play. Players can spawn both in either top or bottom area. The map layout is very much directed for team games where each team starts either in the top area or the bottom earea of the map. Both teams have reasonably save expansion sites in the rear part of their territory and can control the area between their bases with fair ease, even though the surface area is huge. the center is filled with crystal shards and LOS blockers that will make for an interesting dynamic as units may disappear in plain sight of each other. This guerilla style of attacks can have interesting outcomes among smaller engagements. Have fun with some friends is probably the best way for this map.


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