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Mock Battle (Unit Tester)

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Spawn units, research upgrades, place structures. Take control of units from either army and test out your micro skills. Simulate base assaults. Test your best counter-armies. Compare army costs. Save configurations for later, or even share them.

Quick Help

Units Mode
  • Click to spawn 1 unit.
  • Shift+Click to spawn 5 units.
  • Ctrl+Click to remove 1 unit.
  • Shift+Ctrl+Click to remove 5 units.
  • Backspace to remove all selected units.
Upgrades Mode
  • Click to research an upgrade.
Structures Mode
  • Click to enter placement mode.
  • Click again to choose a location for the structure.
  • Hold Shift to place multiple structures of the same type.
  • Backspace to remove all selected structures.

Future Plans

Next Release

  • Bugfix: Fix costs for morphed units (cost of morphing + unmorphed unit cost)
  • Game speed set to Faster
  • Lobby option defaults

Future Release (by priority)

  • Bugfix: Persistent unit abilities (such as Vortex) are not Cleared
  • Bugfix: Potential problem with Mothership armor (vs. Corruptor)
  • Bugfix: Placed Creep Tumors are not burrowed
  • Bugfix: Ghost - Tac.Nuke Strike cancels on switch vision
  • Bugfix/Investigate: Unit upgrade pics do not reflect reset of army upgrades
  • Multiplayer Support (2 player)
  • Use progammer's Realtime Mouse-Tracking system for structure placement
  • Selection Upgrade - Pop up menu displaying upgrades filtered by the selected units and owning players
  • Clear Units only/Structures only/Upgrades only functions
  • Hotkeys for common functions: Start, Rejuvinate, Pause, Vision
  • Manually adjust unit spawn locations
  • Store Orders for each Unit
  • Save Force Groups other than 1 & 2 (which are reserved)
  • More Flexible Auto-Issue Order system on Start
  • Multiple Save Slots
  • Active Unit Count legibility
  • Neutral Buildings (Xel'Naga Watchtower, Mineral, Vespene Geyser)
  • More Detailed Cost Statistics: Total Resources Spent (Units / Upgrades / Structures, +subtotals)
  • Upgrade Button - Cycle (instead of Disable)
  • Bug: Changeling stops after disguising if not sharing vision with it
  • Bug: Ctrl+ESC causes Ctrl key to be temporarily "Stuck" down
  • Bug: Immortal & Colossus facing angle not being restored properly
  • Clean up the Campaign Unit/Hero tooltips
  • Separate Area 6 spawning positions
  • Campaign Upgrades
  • Structure Placement Mode indistinguishable from official mode

Change Log

Release 8

  • Added All Campaign Units, Heroes & Structures
  • Undo - Blizzard Patch 1.1 balance change - Ultralisk "Ram" building attack reset to pre-patch
  • Package Dependencies: moved Liberty Campaign to lowest priority - Melee unit stats & balance changes will always supercede Campaign units now (fixes Archon damage, among many others)
  • Bugfix: Ghost Academy Nukes restored properly
  • Creep Tumor Placement Footprint fixed
  • Bugfix: Mothership went missing (sorry), back now

Release 7

  • Bugfix: Supply Cost of units corrected
  • Bugfix: Burrowed Zerg units no longer partially ignored
  • Bugfix: Restored Unit Positions are more accurate
  • Restricted Flying Unit Movement to Current Area
  • Feature: Battle-mode minimal UI (replaced "Done" button; added Cycle Vision, Restore State and Army Value Reports)

Release 6

  • Structure Placement mode: Blocking Units are now pushed out of the way; Placement Grid visualization tweaked
  • Campaign Content added (Terran Units and Mercs), toggle display with checkbox

Release 5

  • Structure Placement mode: Now uses official "Placement Models" where applicable; Passability and Footprint Validity checks are now 100% accurate and use the same per-grid-square Placement check as the internal game code; Placement Grid visualization is "height-locked" to the structure ghost height; Structure Ghost movement is more snappy (instantaneous, no "blend");
  • Bug fix: Terran Bunker + Neosteel upgrade was not saving units occupying slots 5 & 6

Release 4

  • Structure Placement mode: Placement Grid Emulation improved (placement accuracy, bugfixes, help box added)
  • Structure Energy auto-filled, Ghost Academy Nuke auto-built

Release 3

  • Structure Placement mode: Placement Grid Emulation added (still not perfect, but better than Release 2)
  • Non-league upgrades removed (Viking - Jotun Boosters)

Release 2

  • Blizzard Patch 1.1 balance changes implemented early (except for build times)
  • Cycle Vision function added (cycles between Player 1, Player 2, Global Vision)
  • Backspace Function - press backspace to delete all currently selected units/structures
  • Any Units ordered to Hold Position will not attack by default when Auto-attack is enabled
  • Carrier Interceptors fixed (pre-battle invulnerability removed completely)
  • Structure Placement mode is more accurate (but still not perfect)
  • Separated the Clear All button; now there are left/right Clear
  • Non-league upgrades removed (Immortal - Weapon Range, Infestor - Peristalsis)

Release 1

  • Provided Unit, Upgrade and Structure selection on 7 different areas. There were quite a few bugs in this release.
  • Curse page