Last Updated: Oct 25, 2013



Sep 5, 2010

Owner: Myndful

Inspired by DarkShoGun's Parasite 2, the game takes place on a mining space station orbiting and a nearby planet which it can be traveled to using shuttles. One player is chosen at the beginning of the game (the choice is random, but only players who opt-in are eligible).

The game features four classes and 14 possible evolutions for the Parasite, with lots more coming. Items, interactive structures in the station and on the planet, and sheer deceptive psychology all add depth to the game.

The game is currently up on US, EU and SEA servers.

Official website can be found here: - Wiki found here: (it's a bit outdated)

I'll be adding more information and some screenshots as time passes, though most questions can be answered on the website.


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