Marine Arena

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The only versions that I support, and that are regularly updated are: US Gateway version 1.0.0 (Published by Me and updated weekly) EU Gateway version (Published by MasterKiwa and updated every 1-2 weeks)

v0.9.9 is the old beta version and is no longer being updated.

The EU version has some minor differences since I've allowed Kiwa to edit and add to the map if he chooses to, but the core of the game between the versions is roughly the same.

Any other version not published by us, and on different gateways, is a stolen map, likely bugged, imbalanced, and completely unsupported by me. Anyone posting feedback on these versions are wasting their time since I dont care about the problems in those versions, talk to the guy who stole and edited my map without my permission.


Marine Arena Official Thread - Starcraft 2 Map Development Forums:

Marine Arena Official Forums:

Complete Changelog

Marine Arena Fan-made Wiki:

Marine Arena (EUROPE) Official Thread - Starcraft 2 (EU) Map Development Forums:

Please use one of the above links or the comments section below to post comments, feedback, suggestions, and find information about Marine Arena!

Thanks, Crayon.934


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