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Madness Arena

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After 2 years I return to work on my madness map... It's currently called "Explicit Madness" and only playable on the arcade beta. As soon as the arcade goes live I'm going to change its name.

The files associated with this account were intended for the SC2 2010 BETA and are most likely broken if you want to play please do so on the Arcade.

Explicit Madness

This map is a bunker defence map where it pits you against 4 other in a FFA. The AI builds are unique with every match. They counter each others, and your builds. Use your units to counter your opponent, & use your heroes to crush them. This map comes with easy, normal, and hard settings. If you want to know more read the Tips menu ingame.

-Kill your opponents bunkers, or have the most kills when time is up to win. To get units move to the beacons.

Please post any bugs or suggestions below, or in tickets section.

Known Issues

-The highscore saves are a bit bugged.

Future Plans

-More Modes I want to add a hero mode where someone play completely differently: Instead of a bunker you get a hero you can upgrade with cool abilities.

-Simplifying the triggers to decrease lag

-Making it look nicer. Other arena games have a fancy start screen, unlockable modes, achievements and other cool stuff. I'm working on those things.

Multiplayer Madness

The same deal with players instead of computers. This is where the game really shines because the computers don't use advanced tactics, but players do!

Video Here