The Wolf - Lycanthropy

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Theres a wolf in all of us

In Lycanthropy, there are 3 werewolves, and 5 towns, (5players) during the day, you will live as anormal citizen under the lights of the city, at night, you can either sleep through the night, or go into the forest, make sure you arnt being watched, and transform, destroy as much of the city as you can in the 1:30 you have, without being killed, if you are caught transforming or deforming, you will have a bounty over you, if all towns are destroyed, werewolves win, if all werewolves die, you lose...

Werewolf Players

Live as of your normal ways, as any citizen, go out into the forest, transform, but dont be caught, and kill the town, after your timer is almost up, run back into the forest, or you will be caught deforming... (being a werewolf during the day will result in a burn over you, you will take damage)

Human Players

Contribute to your cities army, and live as any citizen would, build up your forces as you defend your city, your city is vulnerable during the day, but you can defend it at night... First, before you can do all that, you must convince your town of the werewolves, once it is that, build up and defend during the night, gather resources during the day...



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