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July 6 2012: Open Source v1.03 (game map 2.44) released! big amounts of updates made since previous open source version (last open source was 1.02 which is game v 1.88 - 60+ version updated since then!)


Very much the same as Squadron TD with added features. This map is made for anyone interested in making their own version of the game. The map is already 100% playable from start to end, and includes 3 races.

As of opens ource version 1.03 ALL THE PREVIOUS MISSING ABILITIES ARE NOW IN! 2 new game modes which include Free for All And Dual lane (2v2v2v2)

Comments in trigger sections there to guide you to easier understand how to edit. Legion TD 2 forum is up for tutorials regarding making your own map! There is also a tutorials in picture form for easy learning. These tutorials are found here