Kings of the Hills

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Kings of the Hills: Moderate 4 player map Kings of the Hills was first inspired according to the traditional "king of the hill" definition. Each player starts on top of what will be their 'hill'. it is seeded extra rich with minerals and gas in relation to traditional melee maps to support more of the low-base play. The hill can be accessed at 3 points from the bottom up and eventually leads with 2 entrances to the top, where the Main of each player is nested. Across the passages in a highground rich expansion can be found, but it's in direct contact of an enemies travel-route, making it exceptionally vulnerable for harass. Another expansion is tucked safely in the very corners of the map but have rocks that block it. The center area is fairly open visible but ground movement is restricted by crevas and a highground center. Forward Xel'Naga Towers can be used to moniter enemy movement along the various pathways. Personally this is one of my better maps (I think) and I like to do some Terran Turtle-style Nuking on this map. I hope you may find similar fun and joyfull experiences on it.


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