Island Troll Tribes Remake

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Currently Enabling Basic AI to play with/against

This map is based off of the concept of Island Troll Tribes for warcraft 3.

The new Map is here.
I have gotten rid of all the mountains!!
You are now on an exceptionally large map of islands
There are bugs still apparent but i need help finding them all i can only test so much.
There are new features added cant really remember them all

You must install the Mod file into your Starcraft II/Mod folder
You can then play the map or open it in the editor to take a look and play.

its been 5 months since i started redoing the terrain and implementing other features i hope everyone enjoys.

A few things to note:

Trees can be cut down with an axe Wait about 5 seconds next to a tree with your axe equiped and you can target it and cut it down
there are a special type of rock you can mine get a pick axe and stand next to it for about 5 seconds and you can target it.
Hunger is now and Attribute it is underneath your other stats.
Eating is now an ability use it to increase hunger: USINGthe item in the inventory will heal you not increase hunger level!!!!!

Still a lot of work to finish Enjoy!

Current Buildings Available:

  • Fire
  • Forge
  • Workshop
  • Witch Doctors Hut
  • Tent
  • Large Tent
  • Mixing pot
  • Tannery
  • Omni-Defender Enabled will Attack currently Adding more features

Features to be added later

  1. Detection
  2. Spike Baricade
  3. Double Shot
  4. Net Addon
  5. Reinforced Structure

Current Buildings Disabled

  1. Hatchery Because Currently unused no recipes are made in them yet.

Randomly spawning Items

  1. Sticks
  2. Rocks
  3. Flint
  4. Tinder
  5. Leaves
  6. Mana Crystals
  7. Copper Ore
  8. TinOre
  9. Iron Ore

Randomly Spawning Plants

  1. Cattail
  2. Life Root
  3. Khadgar Whisker
  4. Snake Root
  5. Gold Thorn
  6. Groms Blood
  7. Gold Clover
  8. Star Dust
  9. Silver Sage
  10. Terrocone
  11. Purple Lotus

Randomly spawning Animals

  1. Tiger
  2. Bear
  3. Gorilla
  4. Stag
  5. Crab

Large assortment of equipment:

  • Weapons for 3 classes Shaman, Warrior, and Hunter
  • There are 10 weapons per class and 20 generic weapons. 50 Weapons in total
  • All weapons require a specific Recipe which is available using the dialog i have created.
  • Weapons include Swords, Staves, Daggers, Axes, and Bows

Swords are only used by warriors.
Staves are only used by Shamans.
Bows are only used by Hunters.
Daggers and Axes are used by All Classes.

Weapons Models All taken from WoW
All custom Icons from HiveWorkshop,WoW, and Warcraft 3
Custom Sounds taken from Warcraft 3 Now using Weather Beta Mod from DarID

Scale of all units have been decreased so that the world seems much larger

Custom UI
Game is meant for 3 vs 3 vs 3
2 vs 2 vs 2
1 vs 1 vs 1
Currently Working Win Condition

Single Player Noob Time Added

Have now added 5 types of potions:

Help Menu Somewhat Working
Small Tutorial with Info

Some terrain pictures located here Terrain

Here are some Pictures of Game Play In Game Pictures
Currently trying to figure out new Jungle Terrain from WoW.
Need to create custom terrain then add custom trees hoping to add it as a Mod/Dependency Will greatly increase Playability

New Terrain Pictures will be added Here

New Features Working:
-Panthers now have male female status and will mate to create Panther Cubs
-Minimap has been reverted to Original can show/hide by pressing M
-Weapon Slot and Talent Item Swap are now able to carry both types.
-Talent Slot in Inventory will not allow you to equip items strictly for carrying items.
When Fishing Rod is Equiped Attack Command gets replaced with fish Command
-Fish Now randomly Spawn and can be found by the Fish Icon or Blue Sparkles
-Mines are now generic rocks you must have a mining pick equipped to be able to target them
-Trees can only be targeted with an Axe
-Items now Spawn accross Whole map
-Fish and Cattails only spawn in water
Currently Takes 3 minutes to get from one side to the other it is HUGE
May end up making 4 smaller maps so you would have a choice of what to play any Suggestions?
-Eating is now done using an ability
-Removed Hunger Bar now uses Hunger Attribute
New- May 11 -option to choose Male or Female Troll Complete
-Randomized Start Locations
-Added Crashed Ship with Random Start Items
-Beehive Added as Defensive Weapon -Smoke Bomb -Fire Bomb -Shaman Complete -Warrior Complete -Hunter Complete -Stags, Bears, Tigers, Gorillas, Crabs Complete -Working on Boss for middle Island -Weather Added -More Start Options Added

Over View of Entire Map