Invicta Campaign

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The campaign follows the story of a protoss tribe created not long before the events of Star Craft 2. This tribe has been isolated from the outside universe for their entire existence. After the collapse of the Zealot Imperium (the empire that the tribe created at the start of its existence), the tribe shattered into multiple warring factions: the Invictas. This era became known as the Invicta age.


A few years later, a coalition called the IAC has been made to keep the peace, however dark forces are at work. The Invicta Inferno is advocating for war and a signal from the outside universe threatens to change everything. Follow the story of three factions: the Invicta Justicar, Inferno and Seleik as a great mystery unravels!


 To Install:

  • Unzip the zip-files.
  • Copy the files within the unzipped folder.
  • Open your SC2 directory [by default it should be C:/Program Files/Starcraft II/ ].
  • Open the Maps folder within your SC2 directory. If this folder does not exist, create a new folder and name it Maps.
  • Inside the Maps folder, create a new folder with the name: Invicta Campaign.
  • Open the StarCraft 2 editor then click on File and Open.
  • Find your SC2 directory and the click on the Invicta Campaign folder.
  • Click on the mission you want to play (the map should then load in your editor).
  • Press the test document button (on top bar) and enjoy :)
  • FOR MISSION 8 ONWARDS (and the remasters): extract the mod file (Invicta mod) to your "Mods" folder in your Starcraft 2 install directory (NOT the folder under "My Documents"). If you do not have a mods folder, simply create one.


Discord:   (regular updates posted here)


Act 1, Invicta:

Mission 1: The Signal is out, Mission 1 remaster: A New Dawn is out

Mission 2: Satherial is out (remaster planned)

Mission 3: To Extinguish The Flame is out

Mission 4: When One Falls.... is out

Mission 5: A Destiny To Fulfil.... is out

Mission 6: Gateway To Oblivion is out

Mission 7: A War In Requilis is out

Mission 8: Fellowship Of Darkness is out

Mission 9: Empire Of Ashes is out. You must download the updated version of the Invicta mod for this mission.


Act 2: planning


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