Infested Arena

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Infested Arena

By: Etravex


You, along with three other companions, are being deployed into the Infested Arena. You will have to work together as a team to make it through each round. You will have to revive your fellow teammates when they become incapacitated. You will have to dispatch hordes of Infested as they relentlessly attack for 3 minutes each round. You will have to gang-up on Special Infested Units (SIU) before they pick you off one-by-one. You will have to spend your money wisely to upgrade your hero to fit each occasion. Good luck

  • 4 Player Coop
  • 4 Different Specialist Heroes to choose from
  • Individualized Specialist ability training with each level up
  • Neutral Shop allows further customization of your Specialist and weapon
  • 5 Difficulty levels to master which alters your Specialists starting HP/energy and the number of Infested that will attack each wave
  • Incorporated "Incapacitated" system for Specialists once they reach 0 Health
  • Specialist Hero Level Cap: 20
  • Unique and specialized Special Infested Units (SIU) and Bosses.
  • Currently 20 Rounds with 2 boss fights at rounds 10 and 20

Defeat: All Specialists are Incapacitated at the same time Victory: Survive through 20 Rounds


Salv Abilities Included:

  • Flash Heal - Instant Heal on self or ally (can be upgraded to include resurrection)
  • Black Hole-AOE damage/crowd control spell
  • Rejuvenating Tower-Heal teammates
  • Shadow Step-Blink to another location, while leaving behind a shadow of Salv for the Infested to attack and giving a 5 second movement speed buff

Dead Eye Abilities Included:

  • Dead Eye's Glaive-Throw a single glaive that splits into several glaives to hit multiple foes
  • Thermonuclear Capsule-Damage everything in a single line, everything that is not killed is stunned for 5 seconds
  • Phase Shift-Blink to designated position and give Dead Eye a Damage boost for 5 seconds
  • Repulsion Tower-This tower emits force that only throws back Infested units

Seifer Abilities Included:

  • Drone of Safeguard-Deploy a temporary drone that boosts all ally armor
  • Ignition Wave-Start a combustive wave in a designated direction (AOE attack)
  • Taunt-Pull Infested away from allies and draw them to attack you
  • Psionic Barrier-Surround Seifer in a protective shield that reduces incoming damage and gives a minor health regen

Blaze Abilities Included:

  • Napalm Bomb-Launch a devastating Fire explosive (AOE attack)
  • Airstrike-Call in an Airstrike that drops missiles to designated target (AOE attack)
  • Projectile Protectorate-Deploy a protective shield that brings all incoming enemy projectiles to a halt
  • Rocket Jump-Get out of harms way by rocket jumping to another location, also grants Blaze a 5 second attack speed buff

All Skills are fully upgradable as the Specialist levels up

Randomizing the Infested Rounds

On top of your mass hordes of Infested units, I have implemented a random generator during Rounds that deploys Random Special Infested Units at Random Locations, at Random times. In essence, every round is different and every play experience is different.

List of Current Special Infested Units

1. Aberration - Extremely high Health, slow movement speed, high damage, can traverse up and down different elevated platforms

2. Creeper-Sent in to the Arena to cover it in Creep. Creep allows all Infested units 30-100% increase in movement speed and -30% to Specialists

3. Burster-Extremely fast moving suicide unit. If you kill this unit before it hits a specialist no harm is done. If it bursts open on a specialist all surrounding Infested units are put into a frenzy increasing their movement speed, attack speed, and no longer have collision with other infested units (allows units to stack) and the specialists who was hit becomes the primary target of all Frenzied Infested units.

4. Infested Puller-runs into the arena for one purpose... To pull a specialist out. Once the Infested Puller latches onto a specialist the Player loses all control of his Specialist as the Specialist is dragged out of the arena to be attacked by mobs of infested units. Only a fellow specialist killing this unit will release the specialist. (Only available for 2 or more players).

5. Infested Blade-Buffs all surrounding Infested with an attack upgrade. The Infested Blade has extremely high damage and can charge (while avoiding collision with other Infested units) towards specialists.

6. Infestination-A flying suicidal unit that Kamikazees into a specialist. If contact is made the Specialists is rendered unable to move or attack for a 10 second duration.

7. (NEW) Propagator- Spawns several Festerlings every 10 seconds if you allow this unit to burrow in the Arena

8. (NEW) Bulwark- Heavy armor SIU, continually buffs surrounding Infested with stackable armor buffs. Kill fast or the armor will stack quickly.

Note: Some of these infested units do not spawn until later rounds and all are set to randomly spawn at different times, different locations.

Unique Boss Battles

Incredibly powerful boss units that don't just have high health and damage. Rather, they have abilities that make the Specialists have to strategize to take them down.

Newly Implemented unique and individual specialists weapon modifications that enhance each specialist class.

Currently working on:

  • More Rounds
  • More Bosses (and rework on current bosses)
  • Higher Level Cap
  • New Abilities and weapon and ability modifications