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This map is for everyone who likes IncomeWars style maps, but dislikes lag, imbalanced units, poor or boring terrain and brainless spamming of just one unit type!

What are the main differences between a normal Income Wars and this map:

  • You always spawn 4 units at once (resulting in 2-3 frontlines possible)
  • Less Lag even in lategame (soft and hardcap to income)
  • Bounty System punishing players who rely on easy to kill units or just spam brainlessly
  • Beautiful terrain opening up more tactical possibilities
  • Allied Base with powerful defense units and turrets!
  • Destroying enemy units more efficiently and bringing down enemy base defenses yield extra rewards (skill rating bonus) granting you the edge over your enemy!
  • Multiple frontlines allow you to push around your enemy and deny a certain defeat
  • Full AI Support so you may test this map easily on your own or fill up a game if nobody shows up (just fill remaining slots with AI players)

This map is still in a development stage, but fully playable. All units have been thorougly tested and there is no major balance issue at the moment. However if you come up with some strange tactics or find an exploit, please email me or comment below.

Note that the battle.net uploaded version of this map will always be much more recent than the one found on this page. However I will try to keep both sites up to date! So if you like to play the map just go online and select it from there!

To prevent some messing around with my nerves I had to lock the version which is currently in Europe-Battle.net. Sorry for that one!

This map is now fully localized, but only available in Europe. If you can distribute it on any other realms, send my an email! Thanks. US is now covered as well for the moment. Please continue to submit if you want to help distribute the map!

Happy Carnage!

BlacKcuD (blackcud@gmx.net)

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