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Starcraft 2 map developed by Myrmonden 1v1. 2v2 or FFA map. On this map each player has a backdoor expansion. Which is blocked of by Force fields.

And I managed to solve the AI pathing now, so they work great.

There is a close third, however it is really hard to defend. The map is very big in the middle, and there are 3 watch towers to gain map vision.

The map has a lot of differention between high-medium and low ground (I am also pleased with the lighting).

The main is basically weak to most early cheeses, reaper canon rush etc. However it is pretty easy to defend front attacks until they gain massive units.

The middle bases do not offer gold or high vespene gas as they are not as hard to defend as other middle expansion on other map, e.g Antiaga shipyard


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