EnderCraft TD

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EnderCraft TD

Influenced by my favorite tower defense game: Bloons Tower Defense 4 by www.NinjaKiwi.com.

50 waves of 14 different kinds of creeps and 11 unique towers with multiple upgrades along with 2 emergency drop units for those creeps that sneak by.

3 difficulties and 3 levels makes EnderCraft TD a unique Tower Defense experience. Made for 1 - 2 players.

Anyone who enjoys this mod I would encourage to go to www.NinjaKiwi.com and play their Tower Defense games.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with NinjaKiwi.com or with their products. Just a fan.

Search 'EnderCraft' to find under custom maps on battle.net (damn Blizzard's Most Popular system).

Please report all bugs or balance issues/suggestions to endertargaryen@yahoo.com or leave a comment here.

What makes this TD Unique? There are so many!

-12 of 15 creeps only have 1 life.

-13 out of 15 creeps spawn a/some different creep(s) when killed

-All attack towers have 5 unique upgrades, whether it's splash damage increase, range increase, added abilities/behaviors, etc.

-Towers aren't all vanilla, meaning they don't each have a standard weapon that fires at a creep. There are:

  • Radial towers, fire radial shock/fire/freezing damage/effects in a radius around the tower every set amount of seconds based on the tower and upgrades
  • Mobile towers, A "tower" that you set up a patrol for in between waves and it drops turrets and bombs on the path and another tower that walks a set path shooting at random enemies and can be upgraded to buff other towers.
  • Teleportation towers, towers that launch creeps backward in the maze
  • Bunker towers, a tower where you get to select the exact kind of damage you want to inflict by adding any combination of 4 unique units to it.
  • Portal tower that warps in units to fight
  • Mineral Farm, a tower that produces minerals every wave
  • Turret/Bomb drops, inexpensive units that are temporary that you can drop right on the path if creeps get by your towers
  • Normal towers, "vanilla" towers that target individual creeps

Hey, I'm back! And with a new Tower!

So I created this mod back in 2010, it's now 2013 and it is still fighting for 9th place in the Tower Defense category out of roughly 80 TD mods; so it's still kicking hard after all this time. A lot has changed since I was modding (arcade? what the hell?) so I've been trying to keep up.

I introduce to you a new tower (and the last): NetherGate Tower. It warps aliens from other planets to fight the creeps for you.

  • Level 1 costs a measly 100 minerals to enable warping in of a fast moving zealot.
  • Level 2: Hellion with an attitude
  • Level 3: Dark Templar (a "ghost with a scythe") that speeds around and kills so fast you can't keep up
  • Level 4: Archon that demands respect with a range spanning half the battlefield and dishing out 5 attacks a second
  • Level 5: Thor: You thought Behemoth Missiles were something? This guy can take down half a Brood Lord in one go; not to mention its 20 attacks a second against ground biological creeps.

The unique thing about this tower is the warp-in is random and limited to 3. So if you have a level 3 tower, you have a 1/3rd chance of getting a Zealot, Hellion, or Dark Templar. But a Level 4 will chop the Zealot (close the gate to that planet) and open the portal to the Archon's nebula. Works the same way for level 5.

Have fun with it, let me know what you think in the comments.

Can't beat hard difficulty or Expert level? Read this

So I've played a total of 4 times online now and have noticed quite a trend; people are not using the drops, among other things. Here's a list of some quick strategies that I've found (if you have some please post them and I'll add them here):

  • When a stalker or other higher level creep slips by, throw down a few turrets in the path and decimate them; the low cost of 15 minerals each isn't that bad for saving your lives. Also, if you get to the tanks and are unprepared with bomb towers, throw down a few Drop Bombs, their splash radius is very high and can kill 3 tanks in 1 drop at the cost of 35 minerals.
  • Also, there's advanced strategies for certain towers, such as the Crawler tower and manipulating his walk with building to walk along the path a lot more, which with Crawler Crush, can destroy creeps rapidly.
  • The general rule for a teleportation tower is it throws a unit back 2 steps, meaning wherever a creep has to make a turn, that's one step. So don't put a newbie TT where they could be throwing units back around 1 corner, put it right where it will throw the creep down at least 1 long stretch. That is, until it's fully upgraded and will send back as far as the beginning, then you can use relocate to move it (and it will transport Ultralisks).
  • Towers compliment other towers, find these combinations and use them. One example would be the Vortex Tower puts enemies at a very close proximity when they exit the vortex making them perfect targets for any tower that deals splash damage.

Current Version: Release 1.21

Version Information:


  • Balanced prices of NetherGate Tower
  • Lowered initial price of Parasite Tower
  • Raised initial price of Crawler Tower


  • Fixed not being able to upgrade Parasite Tower bug
  • Slashed prices of Parasite tower as it was way overpriced


  • Re-balanced NetherGate Tower prices


  • Added last tower: NetherGate Tower. It warps in different aliens from different planets to fight the creeps for you.
  • Added new creep on the last level and endless. Play to find out what it is; it will definitely mix up the gameplay
  • Fixed bugs where holding down a key to populate a bunker or mineral farm resulted in dead/idle units


  • Farmer hotkey has been changed to F so no more accidentily selling your mineral farms
  • Flame Tower's blast has been sped up and made smaller to lessen the annoyance of it always being on screen
  • Fixed Bunker and Mineral Farm unit bug where the units would not enter the bunker when created


  • All creeps' speed increased by 0.5
  • Additional trigger added in attempt to work around flyers getting stuck bug
  • Dart Tower prices re-worked
  • Bomb Tower nerfed; range decreased by 1 initially, and upgrade now increases range to 7
  • Teleportation Tower prices re-worked; the prices have been raised, but for those who know how to use them, may still be too cheap
  • Added doodads to expert level in certain places to increase difficulty

Thanks to Guily for his thoughts and for the thorough schooling of me on Expert-Hard :)


  • Re-balanced Parasite Tower:
  1. Can now target non-biological creeps, even though it cannot kill them, it can pass it on if killed by another tower.
  2. The 1 splash radius taken away from the tower before splash upgrade.
  3. Splash damage upgrade now upgrades to a splash radius of 3.
  4. Bug fixed when the parasites wear off of a host, they don't still pass it on to a creep when killed.
  • Also re-fixed a bug for selecting Endless mode as player 2 when player 1 has left the game.


  • Countdown timer now only starts when one of the players click the start button
  • Farmers are now non-refundable, meaning regardless of how many farmers you have in a Mineral Farm, you will only get the 75 mineral refund. This means players can't sell off all their Mineral Farms towards the end for a huge mineral boost, making the last rounds easy.
  • Hotkey changed for the turret to R as to not confuse it with the hotkey for 'Select all warpgates' which will come up with certain towers

Thanks to D-Tran for pointing out these issues. I encourage fans to post suggestions or send emails if there is some way to improve the mod.


  • Fixed creep count bug introduced with new tower
  • Balanced pricing of Parasite Tower
  • Nerfed Parasite Tower - parasites can be carried by non-biological creeps, but parasites can't kill them.


  • Fixed Parasite Tower bug where it would not continue the parasites if another tower killed the creep.


  • Added a new tower: Parasite Tower, with 5 upgrades and finally some use of zerg buildings.
  • Added code to try to help the idle creeps bug
  • Buffed endless wave again


  • Fixed bug where if player 1 loses, player 2 doesn't have the option to select endless round
  • Round 50 buffed significantly
  • Endless round buffed significantly

Let me know how the balance works out for round 50 and the endless round.


  • Made a work-around for the creep count bug where the round won't end. Considering the massive amount of triggers that are going off (esp. in 2-player mode), sometimes the creep count is not being registered correctly, leaving the player(s) stranded. Now it will wait a minute after that last creep has spawned and check to see if there are any creeps left and manually set the count to 0, therefore ending the current wave.

Big thanks to Stephan who sent me the replay of this occurring.


  • By a lapse of memory, I forgot to take out debugging code that caused wave 1 to be overrun with high-level creeps. This has been fixed.


  • Crawler crush kills Armored creeps
  • If you select the "End Game" option after wave 50, it will end in victory instead of defeat
  • Leave buttons are now in endless mode that will allow to leave in victory instead of left status
  • Scores for creeps adjusted to reflect accurate scores for those who go head-to-head in endless mode (buildings no longer contribute to score)
  • Pathing for flying units tweaked; this is the last real bug I have had trouble with, please report in the latest version if it happens, thanks

Release 1.0

  • There is now a 50 second timer on the start button where it will automatically start the round if start buttons aren't clicked
  • Difficulty is shown to Player 2 when Player 1 selects it
  • The Nuclear Blast upgrade for the Flame Tower now hurts Shocked creeps
  • Defeated players are no longer booted from the game in case they want to stick around and watch
  • Now you have the option for an endless wave if you beat all 50 waves
  • Crawler Tower costs re-balanced
  • Multiple bug fixes

-Flying creeps getting caught in corners (if this is still happening, please report level, player #, and section of map if you can)

-Teleportation bugs

-Crawler Tower upgrading too quickly bug