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Your colony ship crash-lands on an uncharted world. Like it or not, you're settling here.

Build up your empire.

  • - Pick a government type which will provide varying bonuses. Such as democracies having a higher tax rate, but high upkeep costs.
  • - Choose an area to place the capital.
  • - Build its economy, by providing houses for your people to live in. Produce metal, oil, food, and electricity.
  • - Sell resources on the market to gain credits, however other empires will be able to buy what you sell.
  • - Advance technologically, and become the most advanced empire. Build expensive laboratories to improve the science rating of your empire.
  • - Build a military from infantry, vehicles and aircraft. Militaries cost upkeep, so don't bankrupt yourself otherwise your military will become ineffective.
  • - Ally, set neutral or attack other players.
  • - The Native Creatures are dynamic, they will produce new hives, spawning pools and evolution chambers to advance themselves. Destroy them before it becomes too late.* Published on NA.

The project was more or less abandoned by it's original creator and I'm picking up the pieces, so you are all playing an unfinished game atm.


1: What is your favorite type of military unit

2: What Government/Econ mix do you usually pick?

3: Do you use the bank? If so, can you explain how and why?

3: What are your most/least favorite areas of the map?

4:What terrains do you find the most/least appealing?

5: How quickly can you solo the AI? (Please state time, difficulty, government type, and economy type)

6: If you can solo this map on the hardest difficulty, what would make it more fun/challenging for you?

Redrum Jackle's Edition

Located here: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/empire-builder-rev/pages/main/