Emerald Dream

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"The Emerald Dream is a vast, ever-changing spirit world, that exists outside the boundaries of the physical world, and is the verdant realm of the Dragon Aspect Ysera. "

The map was created with the goal of giving depth to the mountains and water in Starcraft 2, and giving a real sense of heights. I have not seen many maps yet that really attempt to give the feel of a vertical plane, and I hope this map provides as such. It is incredibly detailed, and is recommend for those with higher pc specs. The map in itself is a standard 2vs2, with each play close to their natural expansion. Players who scout well will find this map full of strategy, as it contains many side paths and hidden expansions, all in the name of keeping things fresh each game. Enjoy.


-fixed minerals/towers
-Re-allocated doodads for fps.

6/19/2010 -
-Added far too many details with doodads to count.
-Added little areas and statues off in normally untraveled locations.
-Fixed ramps.
-Added extensive widening of pathways, due to feedback concerning zerg.
-Changed base layout.
-Added another starting location next to each player, making the map 2vs2.
-Added numerous water effects and lighting.
-Added a few more landbridges to open up the map.
-Removed some extreme choke points for balance.

Due to the extreme changes in layout and detail I uploaded new pictures. Let me know what you think.

-Added more water-related doodads, to really bring out the cliffs/land transition.

-Added some changes to water


Base Layout.

Hidden high-risk expansion.

Another base layout.

Overview as seen from editor.

Entry for contest. Taken from part of the map.

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Thanks for Sc2Mapster for making it easy to keep track of my many projects.
It always helps to critique and give praise to those who spend so much time on their maps, so whether it be my own, or another authors, please give them the insight they need, and encouragement to improve. Together we'll see some truly awesome high-quality maps come forward. Thanks.


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