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This is the first map of a custom campaign. The name will be changed eventaully to Psionics: Assault on Docking Bay 13.

Current Status: Online, balanced up to a certain level. Still semi-buggy but playable.


After the events of Legacy of the Void, with the Xel'Naga all but destroyed, the galaxy was at peace. With the fall of the Xel'Naga, the psionic link between the three races were shattered. This stopped the bloodthirst and war that each race had for each other. It has been 10 years since the Xel'Naga were destroyed. Docking Bay 13 was established by the covenant, a political and military organization that oversees the safety and defense of the galaxy, as a research center to advance the technological prowess of the Galactic Peace Force. This is only its fifth year of operation.

A local scout patrol was on a routine perimeter check when it was attacked by an unknown group of hostiles. Only one of the 13 pilots of the scouting group returned. Details were conveyed that a large force of enemy troops were on route to Docking Bay 13. All signs point to the force being extremely hostile and unknown of origin. Docking Bay 13 has been set to defense alert Red and prepares for an attack.....


Docking Bay 13 is played by picking a handful of units initially and kill the on coming flying air units. Enemies will spawn wave after wave, becoming stronger and stronger each wave. Periodically a random even will occur. Anything from a nuke to spawning enemy ground forces. All of the players units are very squishy and can be killed in 1-2 hits by enemy ground forces. In a team based map, one could decide to build units for taking out ground forces and completely ignore air enemies. Or, one could go a pure damage dealing route and build only the highest damage output units. Or, play it safe and go for a healthy mix of defenders and attackers and attempt to 'hold your own'. The idea is to keep your units mobile and at the same time establishing footholds to increase you steam of income by killing more units faster.


Given the difficulty of this map I have decided to include a 'mini' strategy guide to at least get you started.

Solo Strategy:

This solo strategy isn't meant to be a way to solo the game in a 4 player situation. It just gives you an idea on how you can hold our own, if you decide to play for yourself and not the team. The first few units you should build is 2 zealots, 1 vulture and a marine. The zealots are used to tank the zerglings in case of a nydus event on the first level. The vultures are there to support the zealots in removing the nydus worms. The marines are all around basic anti-air support. They will be able to take out the first few levels of air. Going beyond level 1 you will need a healthy mix of stalkers, roaches and marines. It is advisable to get a tier 2 unit before too long for both their added utility/damage and their ability to detect cloaked units. So far there is only one cloaked level in the game. Beyond Tier 1 is where you're unit selection really begins to become open ended. The best tip to give if you use this strategy is to always build 1-2 zealots before you actually build the units you want. DPS units (any unit other than zealots) may need to be escorted to meet up with the other units.

Team Strategy:

The team must establish a stronghold position. A position where all the squishy units are protect via zealots. 1-2 players will focus solely on zealots and vultures (splurging on dps units when possible). The majority of zealots will serve as defenders for the other players dps units. The players focusing on taking out ground units will also need to form small attack forces for keeping the enemies ground forces low and picking up other players reinforcements if needed.

WARNING: Player units are extremely vulnerable to any opposing ground force. It is highly recommended to never leave any ground unit unprotected! Zealots are your tanks, use them! Also consider that it doesn't take much for a zealot to be overcome (especially after level 5) so be sure the zealots have backup! Marines and/or stalkers make excellent backup units for zealots.

If you play this with more than one player, it might be essential for one player to go entirely ground.


  • Random Events each level (Nydus or Nuke, more to come)
  • 1-4 Player map
  • New level starts every 30 seconds, assuming all enemies are dead
  • Each unit has a purpose!!
  • Amazing amount of replayability
  • Each unit will level up depending on how many kills they earn. Upon leveling up, health, damage, energy regeneration and defenses increases slightly.
  • Killstreaks!
  • Powerups


Every enemy unit has a chance to drop one of several powerups. Powerups currently enabled are, Heal All (heals all units in area to full heatlh), Level Up (unit gains a level), and Supply Up (player gains 5 extra supplies).

Killstreak Description NYI - May be applied in future Update

Killstreaks were designed to give players something else to work for rather than leveling up their units. Killstreaks will be kept as a rolling total unless all of your units die. So far, they have not been implemented. When some killstreaks are activated, all of the players units will be teleported to their base, the base defenses will be active and the event will occur. However, some killstreaks are passive and nothing happens to the player or their units. Planned killstreaks are as follows....

  • Gunnery Run - (Active Event) A fast moving tank is deployed with a mounted gun that will be controlled by the player. The tank has limited health and kills anything it runs over. The event is active for 30 seconds or until the tank is destoyed, whichever happens first.
  • Air Strike - (Passive Event) A group of bombers make a single round of the map, dropping bombs at random intervals.
  • Boost - (Passive Event) All players units damage is increased by 50% for 20 seconds.
  • Attack Drone - (Active) All players units are teleported to their base, defense system is activated. The player will pilot a powerful airship with a mounted ion pulse cannon. The aircraft will be on a set path. The weapon is usually a 1 shot kill but has a 4 second cooldown. The attack drone is active for 20 seconds.
  • Mass Level Up - (Passive Event) All player units gain +1 to their level
  • Fortified Bunker - (Passive Event) Your warp prism is able to call-down a bunker that can garrison up to 5 units of any type of units from tier 1 to tier 2. The bunker lasts until it is destroyed. The bunker can be repositioned at any time so long as there are no units inside.
  • Hellfire Turrets - (Passive Event) The players base enters defense mode and 2 giant hellfire missle turrets are activated. The hellfire missle turrets are 1 shot killers with a 5 second cooldown. The weapon range is unlimited. This event lasts 20 seconds or until they are destroyed.
  • Inbound Nuclear Strike - (Active Event) The players units are teleported to their base and defense mode is activated. The player will drive a nuke that is already starting to fall to the ground. The nuke will not hurt friendlies.
  • Mainstay - (Passive Event) The players units gain a buff that lasts for 60 seconds. This buff make player units immune to all unit imparing random events.
  • Reinforcements - (Passive Event) A random group of 4 units (with no supply cost) will be dropped at target location. The units will be able to level up and last until their deaths.

Event Descriptions

Every level, there will be a chance for a random event to occur. The random evens are meant to make the maps replay value a little higher as well as help balance out the map. You will loose units during random events. In a 1 player game it might be a little tough but typically, the more players in the map the easier it becomes.

  • Nydus Event:
    • 1-4 Nydus worms will appear on each players area. For levels 1-5, 5 zerglings will spawn. Levels 5-10, 2 zerglings and 5 dogs will spawn. Levels 10 and beyond, 5 zerglings, 5 dogs and 1 hybrid will spawn. Units will continue to spawn every 60 seconds (from every nydus work alive) until the worm is destroyed. So taking them out quickly is a priority.

Dealing with nydus worms will typically require the use of zealots (to tank the mobs) and vultures (to burst down the worm). It is always advisable to have zealots surrounding your forces. A 'strike' team of zealots and vultures also helps. In a 4 player map, it might be a good idea for a player to deal entirely with ground. However, doing so might gimp their economy so other players will have to support them. [/list]

  • Nuke Event:
    • This is pretty self explanitory. If a nuke occurs move or use an immortals immunity shield. Future plans for this might be to not allow units to move if they are in range of the nuke (or at least slow them down).
  • Air Raid:
    • 4 squads of bombers fly around the map doing 1 of 2 things (dropping spider mines or bomb drops)NYI
  • Disease Cloud:
    • Several slow moving toxic clouds spawn around the map. Units inside the cloud take damage over time.

Tier 1 Units

  • Zealot:
    • Fast shield regeneration rate makes zealots excellent tanks for all your ground force troubles. The rest of your army is useless without a few of these guys protecting your attacking troops. This improved zealot is able to blast psionic energies from its Psi Blades, allowing them to hit air targets.
  • Marine:
    • The marines are packing armor piercing bullets and do an additional 35 damage to armored units to boot. Over the years marines have developed an immunity to the damage that stim packs once gave.
  • Stalker:
    • The stalker is able to move quickly around the map through the unlimited use of blink. Blink has improved ranged and no mana cost or cooldown. Stalkers excel at quickly eating away the shields of enemy units.
  • Roach:
    • The roach specializes in dishing out corrosive damage to all mechanical units. While it's initial damage could be considered a joke, when it comes to mechanical units they should not be underestimated.
  • Vulture:
    • The Vulture is equipped with an improved weapons. Can use spidermines. Additionally, the Vulture specializes in taking out structure units. Ideal for taking out any nydus canals that may surprise your forces.

Tier 2 Units

  • Dark Templar:
    • Deals heavy damage to mechanical and ground units. Useful against tanks as they are the only unit that can't detect them. Their psionic air weapons is extremly intimidating and very effective. Does additional damage to biological units. Decent tier 2 tank, but only because they can form invisible walls.
  • Ghost:
    • Extremely long range shooter. Sniper Shot does massive damage. Equipped with an upgraded AoE lockdown.[/list]
  • Immortal:
    • Improved damage with a small AOE radius. This unit is more of a support unit with the ability to reduce incoming damage of other units to zero for as long as his shield is up. Great for holding your position during a nuclear attack or attacking enemies.
  • Hydralisk:
    • Fastest moving unit in the game. Capable of outrunning just about any unit. It has mutated its weapons in such a way that it deals an extra 50 damage to all biological units. Nydus implants grant the hydralisk the ability to become a moving nydus worm which makes it able to unload troops anywhere it can safely run to.
  • Goliath:
    • Massive unit slayer, great for dealing with Void Ray events. Created with small orbiting science vessels orbiting the goliath and healing units and allies.

Tier 3 Units - (Still in development)

  • High Templar:
    • AoE nuker, psi spam with fast energy regen. Seeker Missle damage boost, recommend using it in conjunction with lockdown. Glass cannon.
  • Maruader:
    • AoE concussive blast, increased attack speed, able to stim and not take damage. Purpose....slow enemies down[/list]
  • Collosus:
    • Aura buff applies 100 points of shields to allies/units. Can Lift up a single unit and make it become invulnerable for a short period of time.[/list]
  • Brutalisk:
    • Removed
  • Thor:
    • Removed