Custom Campaign: A War Story

LATEST UPDATE: First map pack has been released! This first map pack features Mission 01-05 of Act 01 as well as an Intermission map and a Campaign Launcher!

Download the latest version here.

What is A War Story?

A War Story is my 2nd custom campaign project for StarCraft II, following Annihilation. The campaign takes place 25 years after the end of Legacy of the Void, and as the name implies, it’s a story about the coming conflict in the Daeroloth Quadrant, a newly discovered part of the galaxy, far away from the Koprulu Sector, as factions seek to establish and take control of this vast, unknown space.

Key Features:

  • Engrossing storyline split into several Acts, each seen with the perspective from a new faction’s eyes.
  • 8 unique factions with new unit and ability modifications, gameplay, stories and characters.
  • Play as all three races - Terran, Zerg and Protoss.
  • Interesting gameplay mechanics presenting the player with a wide variety of scenarios requiring different skills and styles of play.
  • Highly distinct difficulty setting, each with noticeably different levels of challenge and features between them.
  • Plenty of references and connections to official StarCraft lore, making the world feel fleshed out and as if it fits in as part of the canon story.
  • Heavy focus on cinematic experience by developing the story, the lore and its characters through the use of in-game cinematics and intermission maps.
  • Unique campaign elements like upgradeable armies, mission launcher, connecting maps, briefing screens, victory/stat screens and achievements.
  • A unique mission launcher featuring a data log, and an easily navigable way of selecting and playing any given map in an Act.
  • Obtain Points through missions, bonus objectives and secrets to unlock powerful upgrades to your growing army.
  • Choose how you want the course of the story to go, by being presented with player choices that will change the course of the campaign’s plot development and its missions.

Installation Guideline

  1. Download the AWSMods file, extract them and put all the mod files inside the Mods folder in your StarCraft II directory. The file path should be something like "StarCraft II/Mods". If the Mods folder does not exist, create it yourself.
  2. Download the AWSMaps file, extract them and put all the map files inside a folder called AWS in the Maps folder. The file path should be something like "StarCraft II/Maps/AWS". If the Maps folder does not exist, create it yourself.
  3. Open the "AWSCampaignLauncher.SC2Map" file through the editor. To open the editor, either drag and drop the map file to the SC2 Editor icon, or open the editor, and use the File -> Open function on your taskbar.
  4. Once the Campaign Launcher is successfully opened, launch the game through the editor by heading into File -> Test Document on your taskbar.

NOTE: Do NOT change any of the file names. Doing this, as well as not having the files in the correct filepaths listed in the Installation Guideline above, will prevent the campaign maps from connecting and in turn, make the Campaign Launcher completely useless.

Ignore the "DS_Store" files that you may recieve upon downloading. These folders are added automatically when you store a file in folders on Mac computers. You can safely delete these.

Plot Overview:

After Amon’s fall, the Koprulu Sector has been in a state of disarray, due to the massive destruction the Hybrid armies have caused across the sector. Casualties were many, and resources are scarce. As a result, millions of Terran, Protoss and Zerg in the Koprulu Sector began a mass exodus to establish a new and hopefully better future. Within the Daeroloth Quadrant, the races has been split into factions, each with their own unique combat style and history. This sector of the galaxy has proven to be ridden with resources and opportunities, and the factions vie for control of the quadrant’s various worlds - whether for personal gain, or for something greater.

The Daeroloth Quadrant is now in a state of a widespread conflict. How will the factions handle the upcoming troubles heading their way? With the existence of player choice, you can decide the course of this campaign’s story!


The campaign features 8 unique custom factions, all of which will be playable in one of the Acts. Links below will take you to a separate page where you can acclimate yourself with all the features, stories and gameplay mechanics of each faction.

 Terran Factions:

Protoss Factions:

Zerg Factions:

Acts & Missions:

 Act I: Emerging Conflicts (In Progress: 55% Completed)

Play as the Brotherhood of Taurus

  • 01. Taurus
  • 02. Enemies Alike
  • 03. From Order to Action
  • 04. Digging Deep
  • 05. The Sleepers Awakened
  • Intermission: Details of the Partnership
  • 06. Sticky Fingers
  • 07. Forged Allegiances
  • 08. Infestation
  • Intermission: A Ravaged World
  • 09. Endangered Colonies
  • 10. Saving Grace

More info coming soon... 

Difficulty Levels:


Recommended if this is your first time playing the campaign, and you don’t have much experience in StarCraft II.

  • Enemy AI handicap set to 90.
  • Hero out-of-combat regeneration increased by 25%.
  • Hero in-combat health regeneration increased by 50%.
  • Enemy AI has minimal upgrade and ability usage.
  • Enemy AI sends smaller attack waves.
  • Many sections and map mechanics are altered or removed entirely.


Recommended if this is your first time playing the campaign, and you have experience in StarCraft II.

  • Hero out-of-combat health regeneration reduced by 12,5%.
  • Hero cooldowns increased by 25%.
  • Starting resources reduced by 15%.
  • Enemy AI has common upgrade and ability usage.
  • Enemy AI sends bigger attack waves.
  • Boss damage and health increased by 50%.
  • Some sections and map mechanics are altered or removed entirely.


Recommended if you have already beaten the campaign and you wish to challenge yourself.

  • Hero out-of-combat health regeneration reduced by 70%.
  • Hero in-combat health regeneration removed.
  • Hero cooldowns increased by 50%.
  • Starting resources reduced by 30%.
  • Available resources reduced by 10%.
  • Enemy AI has exceptional upgrade and ability usage.
  • Enemy AI sends very large attack waves.
  • Boss damage and health increased by 100%.

Credits & Special Thanks:

  • Alarak & VengefulStrudel - Testers, & for helping with campaign development.
  • VastanX - Tester, custom models
  • ChiekChiek - Tester
  • Hammer - Custom models
  • ekvasir - Custom models
  • SirAbalest - Custom Models
  • DaveSpectre - Custom Models
  • Kazor - Custom models
  • Ghostnova - Custom models
  • Thrikodias - Custom models
  • deadlyxtrips - Custom models
  • miazmatic - Custom models


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Patch Notes:

See a full list of patch notes for all previous versions of AWS here.


Thanks to VastanX for making these amazing images!