Cube Defense

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Game development has been halted indefinitely pending changes in the Custom Game system to make it possible for me to update the damn map, and, hopefully, the removal of the popularity system.

So, the map is up for grabs. It's in the Public Domain and you can pick it up, fix it, change it, break it, fork it or whatever.

It you do try to take a stab at taking over, I'm likely available for light consulting in explaining just what the hell is going on in the code.

Best chance of getting hold of me is at rightlyslandom<at>gmail<dot>com

Cube Defense

Remake of the old classic, Cube TD for WC3, by CordialSpam.

Up to 8 players try to keep 30 waves of mobs away from the center, using 5 kinds of towers, 3 of which are upgradeable.

What sets this TD apart, is the fact that mazing is not only possible, it is required in order to complete the game at all. And if you want to stand a chance on the higher difficulty settings, you'd better be ready to understand and abuse the pathing, block the mobs from doing what they want and force them to do your bidding and take the long way around your maze - and preferably run through it two or three times before they get out on the other side.

Defend the Cube either alone, or with an Ally, using the in-game dialog to choose which you prefer. Dynamic team placement allows for any combination of teams of two and solo players in any one single game, meaning you don't have to look for a game with your preferred game mode. Just join up and start defending!


  • 4 Difficulty settings
  • 2 Game modes
  • Dynamic, in-game Team picking and placement
  • Individual difficulty
  • Selling of towers
  • Working range indicators
  • Snaring of flying units
  • Anti-blocking feature
  • and Awesome awesome gameplay.

Known Bugs:

There is a known, game breaking bug that kicks in for many people around wave 20-25, depending on how many people are in the game. Stuff starts turning invisible and the map becomes very hard to beat indeed. It seems to be caused by a memory leak of sorts, debug tools are non-existant, I am at a loss for what is causing it, and don't intend to remake the game from scratch to try and fix it, at least not until the Custom Game system is "good".