The Planetary Boss Fortress

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You play as a Dark Templar sent to destroy the Planetary Fortress of Bosses!

Supports WASD movement and move click attack and mouse look

Left Click is attack, right click summons 6 broodlings to assist you and 1 key summons a healer support unit


Version 3.0

  • Fixed issue with camera during opening cinematic
  • Fixed a whole lot of boss bugs! Boss should be 99% bug free


  • Increased Broodling lifetime to 1 minute
  • Increased spawn Broodlings cooldown to 10 seconds
  • Increased Broodling hp to 425
  • Increased Broodling damage to 15
  • Set both the healing unit and broodlings priority levels to 22
  • Set Dark Templars priority level to 21
  • Increaed Dark Templars overall hit points to 2000


  • Removed natural health regeneration, stay close to that healer ;)
  • Should no longer be attackable from upper floor units during Big Bad fight
  • Added new story elements when engaging bosses, it will only get better from here folks the story is written just have to tell it. I know everyone will like the conclusion.


  • FINAL BOSS ADDED! The conclusion to what happens after you defeat the Queen has been added, even more story will be added later... enoy this one guys :) I will add the new boss to the poll in a few hours once everyone gets introduced to him lol

v3.3.1 Changed some balance issues

  • Broodlings and Healing Sentry are now both on an 8 second doom timer
  • Casting cooldown for both Broodlings and Healing Sentry lowered to 8 seconds
  • Increased health of sentry
  • Increased damage of Dark templar to 200
  • Lowered scan range of broodlings, you really have to be close to enemy for them to attack now.

3.4 Offical Release here guys!

  • Added the final piece of dialogue when defeating final boss, perhaps adding a hint to a part 2? :)

Local multiplayer is here!

  • Reduced Templars hit points to 1200
  • Reduced Templars damage to 110
  • Reduced Broodling damage to 8
  • Reduced Broodling hit points to 225
  • Both Templars have the seperate cooldowns but they are still @8 seconds each like before
  • Controls for second player are as follows - Forward = I, Backwards = K, Right = L, Left = J. Melee Attack = O key (The letter not number), Spawn Broodlings = P, Spawn Healer = U.
  • You will most likely need a type of PC controller in order to use this efficiently, i recommend downloading Xpadder to map keys to controllers.
  • Also at the moment someone will have to be the designated camera controller, the camera does follow both players but it still needs to be adjusted from time to time.

Be on the lookout for a future sequel project to this map, "The Planetary Boss Hunt".

Tell me what you think and share you ideas of what you would like to see changed or added, report bugs and let me know if a certain boss is kicking your ass to much ;)

LINK TO THE NEXT PARTI N THE SERIES (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT BEATEN THE FORTRESS) http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/planetary-boss-hunt/