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Murderific Minigames

What is a Murderific Minigame?

It is a minigame that focuses on one thing: mass murder.

In some minigames, you can't lose. In others, you can't win. But that's not the point of a Murderific Minigame. The point is, I want to see a million of something die in a glorious manner like with a large axe, gross abuse of physics, or suicidal babies.

What makes a Murderific Minigame?

Two main things:

  • Mass death
  • Power tripping

As such, some murderific minigames have little to no replay value.

The games

  1. BONESTORM - Download page
  2. Obliterate - Download page
  3. Who's Your Daddy? - Download page





Who's Your Daddy?

Who's Your Daddy?


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