911 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 26, 2010

I downloaded IWANN's orriginal at Your text to link here... i added air units for each team that include the following units Void Ray, Carrier (modded), Battle cruiser, banshee, medivac, mutalisk, broodlord and a baneling (i know its not an air unit).

I also added a canyon type thing in the middle of the map. it increases the excitness of the game. the map is also now fairly even (you wont win most of the time). I have two videos but i cant download them to youtube yet and i will in a few days. I would like everyone to know that the only thing i did to this map is add a few units. the rest was done by IWANN. If you are a little iffy about downloading this map in about 3-4 days the videos will be posted. I hope you enjoy this map! all credit goes to IWANN.


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