Badling Defense

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Badling Defense is a single player map where you are allowed most protoss and terran units, and must fight off 10 waves of zerg units.

You are granted minerals and vespene for each unit you kill, but defend wisely! You are only rewarded the square root of the value of the unit you killed!

The best way to win is to balance your spending of minerals and vespene.

Changes in 1.5:

  • I taught myself how to make a UI for this map, before I was just using text messages.
  • 10 levels, now balanced well.
  • New terrain design!
  • Opening cinematic!
  • New triggerlib organization for modability!

Please comment on what you think of the map, the trigger coding, and whatever.

For fucking around or being noob-accessible , there are cheats you can enter into chat: "like a toss" gives you one of the boss units. "holy mother of" gives you a mothership. typing "level " then a number 0-10 will start the final wave for your current level then send you to the level after the number you entered. (10 sends you to the boss) typing "color " then a number 0-15 will change your color (based on the color array) typing "handicap" then a number will give you that many more minerals per kill

DISCLAIMER: the standard settings for this map are set to VERY HARD. if you do not have AWESOME unit knowledge and micro, don't expect to win without setting a handicap.

Here's a quick preview of the map: