The Battle of Agria: All Bets Are Off

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-Lowered prices on most units.

-No Stimpacks

-Everything has been added for all 3 races: Scouts, Goliaths and Lurkers to name some.

-Immortal has been replaced with the Dragoon (model credit to UltiDrgn)

-Hyperion model (from the cutscenes) is huge. It replaces the Battlecruiser because the regular BC wasn't big enough (model credit to UltiDrgn).

-Selendis actor and portrait replaces the Carrier's actor and portrait.

-Infested Marines are created from the Infestation Pit.

-Ultralisk has the Deep Tunnel ability that works like the Stalker's Blink, due to his slow speed and his innate behavior of getting stuck.

-Sentries have been replaced with Immortals; Immortals replaced with Dragoons.

-Replays will be posted due to the fact that my recorder sucks and the fact that YuTube only allows 10 mins of video and I'm not splitting it up into 4.

Have fun and let me know if you experience any problems.

I also have a Char version of the map.


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