Witch Doctor

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2013



Jul 3, 2011

Owner: RXMT

My first model in Starcraft 2. Everything is 100% made by me.

Please give credit if you use.

Note: It's not 100% perfect, but since it was my first full model in starcraft 2, it was a rude learning process and I've made some mistakes along the way that I (probably) won't do again. ;-). There are some imperfections here and there, but they aren't ''that'' noticeable. Oh, and the model is kind of heavy...

The ''.zip'' includes the model and textures files and a demo map to show the animations.

You have permission to modify everything you want on this model(or textures) by following these conditions:

1- Credit me as the original author

2- Mention that the model was modified by you (or somebody else)

3- Give a link where the original can be downloaded (in the credits).

Programs used:

- Maya - Mud Box - Photoshop - 3DS max - CrazyBump - Xnormals//

Special thanks to:

- Otixa : his thread in the ''Artist Tavern'' saved me a lot of time.

- Autodesk : for their student version of 3ds max, maya and mudbox


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