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[LiB] Tower Defence is a Library for all the basic Tower Defence triggers.

It will have triggers such as:

  • Ball Spawning *
  • Line Spawning *^
  • Leaderboard *
  • Lives System *^
  • Race Selection *
  • Unit Buying System in Chat *^
  • Unit Buying System in UI
  • Unit Buying System with Regions *w
  • And more!

Some of the triggers need to be edited to suit your needs... I am hoping Blizzard will allow variables in events in 1.2 and how to find the maximum used slots in an array...

Come on people... You know there is functionality missing! Post a comment or a ticket!

If you need a custom functionality use the Enchantment Ticket to submit it.

* Done and Uploaded
*w Work In Progress
*d Finished, Not Uploaded
*u Updating
*du Finished Updating, Not Uploaded
*^ Updated (Minor)
*^* Updated (Major)