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WSAD Third Person Movement Library

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This library has been developed for Starcrafter (SCR), a role-playing map currently in development.

It is posted here for use by anyone who is looking for such a movement system and is free to use.

Setting Up

In the map editor:

  1. File > New...
  2. In the new map dialog:
    1. Document Type = Map
    2. Dependencies = 'Campaign (Liberty)' This is to enable a much larger range of units and doodads to choose from. It also includes the Civilian unit of which this library is best suited for.
    3. Click the Modify... button next to the dependencies drop down.
    4. Click Add Other...
    5. Find the SCR - Movement 0.2.SC2Mod and press OK
    6. Press OK again.
  3. Fill out the rest of the new map dialog as you wish and press OK
  4. Find the "Civilian (Male)" unit and place it on your map.
  5. In the "Melee Initialization" trigger remove all the actions in there by default.
  6. Add the new action SCR_Add Player Unit( 1, Civilian (Male) )
  7. That's it!
  • W - Move Forward
  • S - Move Backwards
  • A - Turn Left (Strafe Left)
  • D - Turn Right (Strafe Right)
  • Shift - Hold to sprint
  • Left Mouse Button - Hold to look while moving
  • Right Mouse Button - Hold to direct movement with mouse and strafe