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This library helps you implement audio output on your map. Once it is initialized, you can play sounds by using the corresponding strings. Making announcements and comment on gameplay was never that easy! Download Library


  • 105 unique words
  • numbers fom 0 to 999999999
  • letters a to z
  • use "," for a pause
  • very small, all sound files are blizzard originals
  • easy to use

How ot works

1) Download the library using the link above or the Files page.

2) Import the library into your map.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Step 4 Step 5

3) Call the Initialize function
The function is called "<StarShout>Initialize" and must be called before using any other functions of this library.


4) Action!
For audio output, call the "<StarShout>Shout" function and provide a message as paramater. It is easy as that! You can also specify the volume and the group of players that will hear the shout. If autospelling is disabled, words that are not included in the dictionary will be ignored. Use the comma to create a pause in your sentence or the # in front of a word to spell it.



Try the demonstration and see for yourself if you can use this library. You can play this map on the battle.net (EU only) if you search for "StarShout Demonstration" or local. Download Demonstration


You can build sentences using the following elements. These sentences can be verbalized using one function call.

a - z

0 - 999999999 Do not spell numbers or they will not be recognized.

I, you, has

level, round, wave, stage, lap, phase

red, blue, green, yellow, dark, orange, black, white, gray, brown, teal, pink, light

choose, pause, go, start, stop, begin, reset, win, loose, die, kill, quit

bonus, goal, hero, item, secret, powerup, reward, player, objective, area

success, failure, victory, defeat, cleared, finished, failed, fistplace, secondplace, thirdplace

chosen, next, previous, final, left, right, up, down, received, ready, safe, found, new, north, south, east, west, activated, deactivated, revived, locked, unlocked

outofbounds, disqualified, newrecord, goodjob, goodbye, nice, warning, danger, caution, epic, fantastic, hardcore, ownage, masterful, ganged, humiliation, annhiliation, fatality, hey, hello, welcome, gg, finishhim, headshot, firstblood, doublekill, triplekill, instantkill