SC2 Localizer

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I will NOT take the responsibility if your project got completly messed up. So make sure you use backup.


Currently, ".Net 3.0" is required, and Windows OS. (compiled on Win7 64-Bit)


Easy 2 click localization. (Browse, Localization)
Backuping (, the backup is actually the file #ORIGINALNAME#-Year-Month-Day-#HexTime# as example "IareMap-012-12-23-abcabc.SC2Map")
Primary Localization - Option to set original localization (Which localization will be the one mirrored to all others)


  • Code optimization
  • Bug fixing (if there are any)

If you changed text, in your map - you have to "relocalize" your map as GE does not change the values of all available locales, so simply use the programm another time :), to write from your primary-locale to the others again.

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