Sarah Kerrigan Ghost HD

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The model is an HD model of Sarah Kerrigan in her pre infestation form.
Unit model:

Portrait model:

Low version of the unit model:

To install:
1. Place the textures in the path : Assets\Textures\
2. Place the model in any path you want.
If there are any problems, note me.
Feel free to use it anywere but remember to give credit.
Made with blender with printIn's m3 blender plugin
If you are using starter edition download also this pack (it has in it the missing textures in the starter edition) -

Last Update

- Added ghost cloaking line
- The armor is now white
- Some animation fixing


Some mesh and animation fixing


The hair is more like the hair of the model "SMX1 Narud Kerrigan"

Added a moving cloaking line

This model no longer require the nova covert op starcraft 2 mod


Eyes are visible again

  • note ! - The new model is using the "NovaAssets" starcraft 2 dependencies


Portrait animations - Fixed


Rifle missing texture Bug - Fixed


Cloak Bug - Fixed

Aiming Laser Bug - Fixed

Kerrigan new portrait - Added.


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