Here is an example of units Rotating around another unit. Its pretty fleshed out but since I was lazy I included some extra stuff cause of how the units that rotate appear it was easier to just keep it as is then to go in and modify it. Regardless All you should know is that use any of Elemental Sorcerer's single target moves: "Ignition Burn", "Lightning Blast", and "Ice Shard" 3 times and a small orb will appear and circle around the Sorcerer. You may repeat the process up to 3 times for each type of orb making a total of 9 orbs circling the Sorcerer. If there is a lot of demand ill spend a little more time remove everything that's unnecessary and have the orbs already present and circling, in the meantime this should do well enough.

Only thing I ask is that if you plan to use this please credit not me, but our entire team, "Ninjacore Studios". Most things I post up as assets are the results of a group effort.