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Filename Nerazim Protoss -
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Nerazim Protoss - Tempest

  Updated version of the Nerazim Tempest. Includes now a Shakuras version of the unit. Includes custom textures, and unit models.

StarCraft 2 - Nerazim Protoss Tempest by HammerTheTank  With the deployment of the tempest as an additional capital ship for the Khalai protoss' Golden Armada to deal with the long-range weaponry of the zerg and terran forces, the Nerazim began using these newly built capital ships ,adorned in platinum colors, to assist the Golden Armada's fleet during major battles across the Koprulu Sector and destroy any major air threats posed by the Zerg Swarm or terran fleets. The fleet of the Shakuras royal guard also used the tempests alongside the Nerazim Harbinger carrier to guard the skies of Shakuras and its capital New Antioch before and during the End War.