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Various data assets that you may find useful. Feel free to use these in your mods. Credit is appreciated but unnecessary. Instead please name something cool in your map after me.


  • Easy Status Bars. This function constructs and returns a customizable status bar as a dialog item. Contains variation for each race, options to show/hide energy, and to add a behavior duration timer (stimpack is shown in the gif). Note that in order to use these status bars you must copy both the function (CreateStatusBarForUnit) and the UI layout (PiratedStatusFrameTemplate).


  • Neutral Bunkers. These bunkers shift ownership to whichever player has units occupying it (and becomes neutral again once exited). Upon reaching 20% life the bunker kicks out any occupants and cannot be entered until repaired.

  • Global Backstab. Giving this behavior to a unit causes it to take 150% damage when attacked from behind.