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A friend of mine who doesn't have an account here made these for me, and I do have permission to put them up.

He is doing quotes for the Overmind as a Zerg advisor, for custom maps. Anyone can use them. If used, give credit to ShinDarkfox/ShinjuuDarkfox (Again, not on this site, but he is on quite a few)

Now go and spawn moar overlords!

Edit: Since I guess I dont know how to use this setup right, I'll just link the download links for each sound effect

List Of All Quotes

Individual Quotes

New Queen Has Emerged

We Require More Minerals

We Require More Vespene Gas

We Must Place That On A Vespene Geyser

Unacceptable Command

We Must Place That On Creep

Game Paused

Game Resumed

Our Forces Are Under Attack

The Hive Cluster Is Under Attack

Our Drones Are Under Attack

Our Ally's Base Is Threatened

Our Allies Are Under Attack

Spawn More Overlords

Evolution Complete

Metamorphosis Complete

Mutation Complete

Not Enough Energy

Nuclear Launch Detected

Minerals Depleted

Vespene Geyser Exhausted