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[lib] N's Talent System

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N's Talent System

Forum Thread with demo map


Talent system for RPGs etc.

  • Features
    • Easy to use
    • Flexible
    • Separated talent trees
    • Automatic visual setup
    • Every visual aspect is customizable
    • Documentation

How to use

  1. Create talent tree
  2. Create talents for created trees
  3. Initialize
  4. Load Trees (optional)
  5. Use functions like modify talent level or available points for manual control
  6. Save Trees (optional)


Import library



Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Example 6 Testing requirement arrows. They work 95% correct :) stretching is ugly tho
Example 7 Different graphic for arrows
Requirement arrow explanation

Structure decryption:


Basically dialog containing all items.
Each tree is standalone 'thing' and only may share available talent points.
This approach is designed more towards bigger amount of trees where you can display them separately (for example in tabbed dialog)

Each tree have his own:

  • rows and columns amount
  • background
  • title
  • sub titles
  • available talent points (per player)
  • visual appearance settings
  • child talents general settings like button looks etc


Structure defining everything related to talent.
Each talent belongs to certain tree.

Each talent have his own:

  • upgrade link
  • name
  • position in parent tree based on row and column
  • max level
  • current level (per player)
  • cost
  • images and settings
  • Lore description
  • Stats description (uses parsing to calculate values)
  • requirements data (can be based on other talent or entire tree)
  • arrow/image linking required talent

Please use This Thread for questions etc