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Custom Terran Units.

  • Make sure campaign dependencies are enabled!

Hello most of the work done here is not quite finished so please comment and criticize so I can make changes. If you use any of it in a map you publish please let me know so I can play it!

The models use textures already in the game, all you need to do is duplicate the unit, go to Modules- import -(what ever file) restart the editor and change out the model on your unit.

The file sizes are around 300kb so you can use multiple models without map size worries.

Changes 7/23/2012

Merc With Sniper Rifle

Removed, decal is bugged

Changes 7/8/2012

Medic With Pistol

Added a Medic with a reaper pistol and a quick fire animation. First model with a light for when the weapon fires. renamed attack animation, fixed light flash, and now she only fires a single bullet per sequence. Attachment point is Ref_Weapon.

Marine Weaponless

Added a Marine with an attachment point instead of a rifle "ref_weapon_attachment" I believe I named it, I have not tested it, if someone wants to use it and it's not set up right pm me and I will try again. EDIT: I tested it, its pretty bugged, removed till I get it working.

Heros without lights

Tychus, Raynor and Stetmann, without spot lights. I think Swann's light is a behavior which can be turned off in the editor


Marine With Chaingun


  • removed lights
  • changed textures
  • fixed bounding sphere
  • shoulder pads and arms shrank to normal size
  • head replaced with standard helmet
  • Chaingun shrunk to a more reasonable size and slightly edited

No decals, the UV map on channel 2 is not working at all, spent all night trying to figure it out

Marine With Sniper Rifle

Raynor HEV

  • removed lights
  • changed textures
  • removed a couple silly bits on the rifle

I think ill give him a better attack animation (for now you can use the spell animation with limited success)

Marauder With Construction Arm

Rory Swann

  • removed lights
  • replaced head with Marauder helmet
  • changed textures


  • removed lights

He needs teamcolors (I'll have to make a new .dds for him), decals and I think ill give him an attack animation

Notes on creation for who ever is interested

I found if I deleted all of the bounding sphere key frames, unlinked it, and scaled to just over the size of the unit it works great.

For decals I found you need to add a UVW map clear to remove where the old decals were, then a UVW unwrap and select map channel 2 and map where you want the new decal, but it is very buggy, the whole model needs to be mapped, not just the selected faces you want the decal on. you also can't flatten mapping or modify the layout of the original UV map too much or the decal just smears all over the unit. I think it might be the exporter causing it, decals can look great in max and all distorted in the editor if it works at all. Hope this helps.