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May 25, 2010

Owner: MotiveMe

MapCraft 1.6

This program allows PC and Mac users to play custom games over 2.0 with multiple players. A single player feature is included as well, primarily for Mac users who have no map editor to run Test Document on.

As of MapCraft 1.4, Extinction is now the default Multiplayer map.

MapCraft requires a recent version of the Java runtime installed on your computer.

This program has been tested under Mac OS X 10.6.3 and Windows 7. All versions of Windows above and including Windows XP are supported.

MapCraft 1.6
Windows Release
Mac OS X Release

MapCraft 1.5 (Mac OS X Only)
Mac OS X Release

MapCraft 1.4
Windows Release
Mac OS X Release

MapCraft 1.3 skipped due to problems with basic math.

MapCraft 1.2 (Windows Only)
Windows Release

MapCraft 1.1
Windows Release
Mac OS X Release

Cache Maps
Lost Temple


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