Gumba's Asset Hive

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This project originally only served as a wireframe hatchery. Now, it is far more than this...

It has evolved to be a hive, a cradle for all kinds of assets, such as Kitbash models, retextured models, and also icons and wireframes.


I am kind of impatient and I require a lot of custom assets to create the mods of my dreams, and all of the other kitbash modders are kind of busy, so...


this project was the result of it.

Fine, I'll do it myself!



Anyways, I hope you find some use for my stuff I made with Blender and Have fun with it!


Next Projects by Gumba:

-SC1 Torrasque in a cage

-Umojan Heavy AG Emplacement

-Protoss Wireframes

-Terran assault ships

-Juggernaut Areal APC with a normal walk animation



Please note that I might not do them in order. If you want to make a request/suggestion please keep in mind that the maxiumum length of the project list is 10 projects. Also, please keep in mind that during times of important irl events like exams, I will not be as productive.


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