Dustins Unit Indexing Library


This library indexes units so they can be referenced by Index Numbers auto generated and uniquely assigned to each unit in the system.


  • To setup a unit into the system use the function: UI_Setup(Unit)
  • To retrieve a units index use the function: UI_Get_Unit_Index(Unit)
  • To retrieve the unit associated with an index number use: UI_Get_Index_Unit(Index)


  • The system uses DataTables so you are not restricted to the array limit.
  • By default the system enters every unit that enters the map into the system to change this modify the UI_Init trigger to whatever you need.
  • This library has a DEBUG feature, to enable this modify the UI_ALLOW_DEBUG varaible and set it to true.
  • Then when in the map type debug in the chat to display unit indexs above their head.