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Oct 23, 2016

Owner: DaveSpectre122


Most of my models are simple kitbashes and/or retextured models. I'm doing requests, but I don't have that much free time and making models isn't always what I want to do in my free time.


There is a table of current requests, my Ideas and stuff, that will be frequently updated. I'd be very happy if we could keep current requests on number 3 (And when I'm saying no more requests, I MEAN NO MORE REQUESTS !!!, so please just wait). Others will have to wait and tell your requests later, I'm a person who can't say "no", so I'd be in quite a stress with a list of dozens of requests. After all I have my own Ideas I'd like to make, but with so many requests I rarely get a chance.



Current Requests Half Requests / Suggestions Models I want to make
Dark Citadel Of Adun, Arbiter Tribunal, Observatory, Shield Battery More leviathan brood skins Female Phase Smith, Female Zeratai, Other Female Protoss, Male Oracle
Remastered Aldaris More Umojan skins UED Shadow
Lagdaman SM, Female Hybrid Reaver Nerazim Skins (My own suggestion) More Spectres - 6 Ideas so far
x More Tosh's Goons units (My own suggestion) AoS Khas, AoS Spear Thrower, AoS ...
x TC T.E.R.R.A. Nova with Hood, Cape and Skull mask
x Texturing untextured ship Phantom (Spectre mount from HOTS) rider
x   Assailant - fast melee light Protoss unit
x   Covert Ops / Ghost suit Adept
x   Umojan Valkyrie - Not a Ship
x   Aurana unit - not Megalith, Garudion, Cipion, Damius, Aldrion
x   Female Eidolon Ghost, Delta Embrock



 If I forgot to put your request in the table please let me know !!!