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Most of my models are simple kitbashes and/or retextured models. I'm doing requests, but I don't have that much free time and making models isn't always what I want to do in my free time.


There is a table of current requests, my Ideas and stuff, that will be frequently updated. I'd be very happy if we could keep current requests on number 3 (And when I'm saying no more requests, I MEAN NO MORE REQUESTS !!!, so please just wait). Others will have to wait and tell your requests later, I'm a person who can't say "no", so I'd be in quite a stress with a list of dozens of requests. After all I have my own Ideas I'd like to make, but with so many requests I rarely get a chance.



Current Requests Half Requests / Suggestions Models I want to make
Female Hybrid Reaver  More SC1/Remastered models Female Phase Smith, Other Female Protoss
SC1 Reaver Portrait More Umojan skins UED Shadow
  Texturing untextured ship More Spectres
x More Tosh's Goons units (My own suggestion) Boros tribe Nerazim units
x TC T.E.R.R.A. Nova with Hood, Cape and Skull mask
x Nerazim Structures Phantom (Spectre mount from HOTS) rider
x   Assailant - fast melee light Protoss unit
x   Covert Ops / Ghost suit Adept
x   Umojan Valkyrie - Not a Ship
x   Aurana unit - not Megalith, Garudion, Cipion, Aldrion
x   Female Eidolon Ghost, Delta Embrock



 If I forgot to put your request in the table please let me know !!!


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