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I do all kinds of different kitbashes and retextures.


I used to do requests, but sadly I no longer have the time to do it. With the fact that I'm able to make around 1 or 2 models per week, every request would delay my own list of ideas by a week or more. I'd like to do all requests, but I'm only human and with job, friends and my other hobbies it's just not possible to have time for everything.


Bellow you can find a list of models I want to make and if you count all the models and count a week for each, you know how much time it will take ... (Note that there is no order to this list)


Models I want to make:

- Female Phase Smith, Other Female Protoss

- UED Shadow (Ghost/Spectre like UED unit, I want to do both Male and Female variant)

- More Spectres (Sniper, Shotgunner, Assault, Twin SMG, Protoss)

- Boros tribe Nerazim units (Warrior, Diskobolus and Soul hunter + maybe more)

- Valkyrie hero Freya

- Assailant - fast melee light Protoss unit (With helmet inspired by a Zealot from LOTV trailer)

- Covert Ops / Ghost suit Adept

- Umojan Valkyrie - Not a Ship

- Remaining purifier personalities from malwarfare map (Garudion, Cipion, Aldrion) + Aurana in non-Megalith version.

- Female Eidolon Ghost

- Delta Embrock

- Higher quality Umojan Shadowguard (Male & Female)

- Admiral Urun unit as Phoenix Pilot.

- Hellrider (Tosh's goons hellion variant - two-wheeled)

- Ghost Rider (Ghost Speeder with ghost - covert ops)

- Tremmor (Lurker variant - Izsha's brood)

- Aberration Evolution Green update + Aberration evolution purple

- Corruptor evolution strains

- Queen evolution strains (One of the will be Assault Queen)

- Infestor strains

- Ihan-rii observer + portrait

- Ihan-rii Tempest and Archon portrait

- Ihan-rii Obelisk Ray (Void Ray) portrait, voice lines, effects ...

- Female infested terrans (Colonist, Trooper, Bomber, Aberration)

- Female troopers

- Male medic portrait

- Light medic / Scout medic (Medic equivalent of trooper)

- Marauder / Firebat based Hazard manipulator suit

- Kel-morian ghost

- Terran melee stealth assassin (Black Panther / Cat Woman inspired)

- Rest of the Royal guard units from Swarm campaign remade in Co-op version.

- Possibly more units from Izha's brood, Abathur's Brood, Kaldir brood and Char brood.

- Centaur (non-heroic version of Talandar's praetor suit, inspired by Orisa's Immortal skin from OW)

- Hellion equivalent of other races (Picture reference)

- Female Signifier (Female high Dark Templar, picture reference - amazing art)

- Tosh's goons structure pack 2

- Nerazim Structures

- Base Reaper with fly animations

- Guardian strain Mutalisk

- Some models I may use in potential maps I could make (Don't want to spoil those)

- And most likely many more to come (My imagination is almost limitless)


As I already mentioned I would also like to continue making story maps that would include my own models.


And last but not least, I'd really love to do more commander concepts with videos, because people seem to love those, of course those would require additional models and lot of them. For now I have these commanders in mind:

- Izsha

- Artanis rework + Kaldalis (Kaldalis taking Artanis' current gameplay)

- Rohana

- Niadra

- Lasarra

- Ji'nara

- Selendis

- General Warfield

- General Davis

- Valerian Mengsk

- Reigel

- More to eventually come !!!


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