Blizzard Official Cutscenes file

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A complete pack of all cinematic cutscenes (using in-game engine, not the pre-rendered ones) from WOL campaign as *.SC2Scene file.

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Terran01.SC2ScenePublic Enemy
Terran03.SC2SceneZeratul's Warning
Terran04.SC2SceneOld Times
Terran05.SC2SceneEscape From Mar Sara
Terran06a.SC2SceneHeir Apparent - Mobeius Rendezvous Point
Terran06b.SC2SceneHeir Apparent - Assault on the Bucephalus
Terran06c.SC2SceneHeir Apparent - Valerian Mengsk's Offer
Terran07.SC2SceneBar Fight
Terran08.SC2SceneGood Man
Terran09.SC2SceneA Better Tomorrow
Terran10.SC2Scene...Who We Choose To Be
Terran11.SC2SceneCard To Play
Terran12.SC2SceneHearts And Minds
Terran15.SC2SceneQueen Of Blades
Terran16.SC2SceneDangerous Game
Terran17.SC2SceneFire And Fury
Terran18.SC2SceneMengsk's Conference, UNN News after Media Blitz
Terran20.SC2SceneMengsk's Conference, for use in Public Enemy

Note: "Terran02.SC2Scene" and "Terran19.SC2Scene" is missing from the mpq. Not sure if it is related to any scene


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