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Filename yaCIt_2.0.zip
Uploaded by _ForgeUser6133751
Uploaded Dec 31, 2012
Game Version 5.0.1
Size 190.50 KB
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MD5 06a63ac237bf4970383314c530f1b165
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  • multi character support.
  • configuration dialog

changed / fixed:

  • misc. filter in compendium to support multi character, expanded with 'invert' checkbox
  • new buttons for configuration / summary
  • pets are assumed to have no card to circumvent PvP issue
  • zone 358 (Ystra event area) is replaced by zone 5
  • some design issues fixed in compendium


  • all command options except 'cfg 'and search
  • ExtraTip support
  • Addon manager support

new in compendium:

  • found a polish language file based on 1.3, so tooltip are in english


  • the owned status in the compendium wasn't updated on takeout/insert after the redesign
  • a tooltip hook caused errors in some house function items

new in compendium:

  • now the original frame is used and modified (no longer using global update loop to detect frame open and close)
  • a checkbox to display the hidden detail (replacing the CTRL-click option)
  • a '#' followed by a 6-digit number shows the card with that object ID if present
  • a button to reset all filters
  • some tooltips for help

changed in data:

  • takes into account all changes up to chapter 5.0.3
  • added one card from Yrvandis Hollow to 'quest related' (Ambush Phantom)
  • added some cards as 'not obtainable' (see yaCItData.lua for reasons)
  • hopefully added all cards not found by NPC search to the zone list. At the moment you should have 2 cards in 'unknown zone'

changed / fixed:

  • a bug in yaCIt.lua preventig correct ALT-key handling together with AAH (missing parenthesis)
  • if the chat editbox is closed / invisible the 'link to chat' option now posts that link directly to the general chat frame

new in compendium:

  • a filter for cards with an Adv. Auctionhouse history
  • a sort option by average AH sell price (descending)
  • no more worldXML folder

also new:

  • a filter definition for Adv. Auctionhouse ($notowned)
  • added a chat command (updatenpc) to recreate the zone association (attention, may take several seconds with frozen screen)

changed / fixed:

  • fixed an error which made v1.2 unuseable (compile error '=' insread of '=='; sorry)
  • removed worldxml folder, ESC key won't close frame anymore

new in compendium:

  • when a list entry is clicked with CTRL key pressed, additional information shown now adds AAH history (min, avg, max value) if available

changed / fixed:

  • removed the 'not obtainable' flag for cards changed in patch 4.0.5
  • added a comment with the affected card name to each line in the static data file
  • code to disable tooltip processing in dedicated PvP zones (SW, Arena, etc)

new in compendium:

  • when a list entry is clicked with CTRL key pressed, additional information is shown
  • due special request a button has been added to show a stat bous summary

changed / fixed:

  • modified the folder hierachy again. Now the tooltip part is Curse client compatibel; to get the compendium running the 'caveats'
  • the card description now has a scrollbar and can contain more than 256 chars (although no one could see that before)


  • Forgot some housekeeping in the 1st version
  • Also corrected an error in the folder hierachy

first version

Supports pbInfo and Adv. Auctionhouse (also 2.7)

Also see readme-EN.txt