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I´m not the original Author of this Addon, but it wasn´t updatet for a long time, so I thought I could try this. Unfortunately I´m not a Programer or something in this direction, so I´m likely not able to fix (big) bugs, but I would try to update this Addon when it´s necessary.

Thanks to Zilvermoon and bronislav84 :)

XPExtended v0.4.6i Updated: 24/5-2016


Show additional information on the Exp-bar. Features:

Show the following information on your Exp-bar: Primary class and level. Secondary class and level. Exp needed to next level: Primary class only. Progress of the level: Shown in percent. Exp Gained since login. Exp Gain Repeat Counter: Repeats to next level. Exp/Hour this session: Calculate Exp Gain / Hour. Todo List:

Fix MouseOver display problem (overlapping default information). Change the way "extra" information is displayed (create a mouse over trigger for some of the information) Create a config and make it possible to show/hide the "extra" information. Make the "extra" information able to be custom placed on the Exp-Bar. Add abillity to customize the bar-fill color. Change log:

0.2: Fixed a bug related to XP Gained calculation: XP Gained will now be correct after levelup. Small code cleanup: making code nice to look at. XP/Hour this session: calculate XP Gain / Hour. This will update whenever you gain XP. This is based on XP Gained since login or last Class change.

0.3: Fixed a display bug due to screen resolution and scaling. Scaling should no longer be able to make "Information" overlap. Fixed "information" not shown on login.<br/>Hope this now is working as intended, else report back.

0.4: Fixed class level & sub class level to show the real level's (Thanks to Valacar)

0.4.1: Fixed a few bugs that came to the light of day with Patch 1812.

0.4.2: Small cleanup in some of the code, and hopefully the "teleport bug" problem should have been resolved now. /reloadui problems should have been resolved (should now close all default ui windows before Reloading UI.

0.4.3: Major clean up & re-organising of code. ReloadUI() can now be called with a new SlashCommand "/ui". ReloadUI() will now also trigger "CloseAllWindows()" which should prevent the problem with open Windows on "normal" ReloadUI().

0.4.4: Corrected a problem, so now it should work like intended.

0.4.5: Fixed a first-login error (didn't affect functionallity, but getting a error on first-login isn't playing nice).

0.4.6: Fixed a change-class error. 21/8-09 bronislav84 joined the project taking over a "Maintainer" role of this AddOn (he's not a hard-core LUA programmer but he'll do the best he can).

0.4.6b: Level cap updated to 52 for patch 1862/1867, fixed internal numbers for the fifth time now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

0.4.6c: Level cap updated to 55 for patch Unless XPE breaks and it's data is no longer displayed properly or correctly (In which case a fanfix wil be needed) this will be the last update until they raise the level cap again.

0.4.6d: Level cap updated to 60 for patch The ReloadUI built into XPE will now clear your Focus Frame, which should hopefully make sure the Focus Frame does not appear again after the ReloadUI, since there's nothing to display. If you don't like that it clears the Focus Frame let me know and I will either remove clearing the Focus Frame or attempt to make it an optional slash command. Also trying to not change the folder name with each new future version, so if you have two XPE folders delete the one for the previous version after installing this one.

0.4.6e: Level cap updated to 62 for patch Same day delivery. Yup, I'm that fast for no reason at all. Until Zilver decides to make the updates he was planning to, this is all I'm doing.

0.4.6f: Level cap updated to 67 for patch Sorry for being a bit late this time. I had to make sure of what the new level cap and patch numbers were. If this is incorrect, somebody please comment and let me know.

0.4.6g: Level cap updated to 70 for patch Wasn't aware that the level cap had gone up again this time, since they didn't announce it on Facebook. Thanks jasonkrushbon for the (rather rude) PM. I still had to Google the information because you didn't actually mention the cap had gone up. >.> If anybody has a problem with not updating for the new cap, do PM me. To make this easier for me so I don't waste time, you need to tell me the new level cap and patch number.

0.4.6h: Level cap updated to 72 for patch I'm on top of it this time, and on time. A big thanks to Crypton for supplying the level cap and patch number! Having some issues with updating the Main Page, which hopefully will be fixed soon. Sorry.

0.4.6i: Level cap updated to 77 for patch Thanks to Thadius856 for the information. Also since Curse Wiki markup is no longer valid, I have reformatted the main page in BBCode, although I can't seem to get some tags to work like on forums. There might be some new features coming from Kwitsch eventually, if I can first figure out what he did in his submission. In that case the version number will go up to 0.4.7, since it wouldn't be a maintenance update. SlashCommands:

/reloadui to ReloadUI() /ui to ReloadUI() Known Bugs:

If you change class the counters will reset, this isn't a bug, this is intentional, but if people want, I can change it to be optional. Remember to report any bugs you encounter, if I don't know about em I can't fix em (and my time to play is very limited right now. Installation:

Unzip the "XPExtended.zip". Copy the folder "XPExtended" to "Runes of Magic\Interface\AddOns". Make sure the file structure is as follows: Interface/ AddOns/ XPExtended/ XPExtended.toc XPExtended.lua XPExtended.xml After starting the game, the message "AddOn loaded: XPExtended" should appear in chat. Windows Vista Users:

If you are using Windows Vista, there might be a problem with AddOns: Vista may do a few things that are out of the ordinary when you installed a game in the C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86) folders - it may either not apply your settings or it won't delete them properly.

Vista may deny you write access from the Runes of Magic folder if it is installed in the Program Files folder. You can remedy this by either right-clicking the game and selecting "Run as administrator" or to move it outside of the Program Files folder. If you installed the game in the Program Files folder, Vista may redirect the game to look in another set of folders: c:\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Runes of Magic\ It will save all of your custom configurations there instead of the C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft folder. You can delete your settings by going to the folder above or moving the game outside of the Runes of Magic folder. If you still have problems with AddOns after reading this you can take a look at this post Howto: Vista, WoW and Addons.

Credit to:

aveng3r for the idea, with the work he did on kXP, and for making me think of porting XPExtended over from the WoW API.

SuicidalChicken for getting me missing pieces of information.

Valacar for getting me the code to show the real class level & subclass level.

qaz1qaz1qa for sharing of modified code


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