Slash AFK (/afk)

45,301 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 18, 2015 Game Version: 5.0.9


Primary characteristics

  • No dependencies
  • Many, many options and settings
  • Graphical and Commandline
  • AddonManager, ComeOnIn and Temeraire compatible
  • Prefix on automatic messages - (Slash AFK: [AFK/DND])
  • Reply messages to your aliases, nickname and to whispers
  • Possible to add custom channels


  • To just change the language of your AFK/DND messages, select the language from the dropdown menu and click the 'Reset Messages' button, then select the language you want to use for the UI.
  • To bind a key to /afk or /dnd: Create a macro, put it on an actionbar and then bind a key to the specified actionbar position.

/AFK base functionality:

  • Remember missed whispers session-persistantly, display when AFK becomes disabled or when the character logs in
  • Change automatic reply messages (party/guild/whisper/custom channel)
  • Change return/going away message (party/guild chat/custom channel)
  • Enter / Exit AFK or DND mode


  • /afkhelp (displays the full list of commands in the current version)
  • /afk [Optional message] (switches AFK mode and optionally sets your reply message)
  • /dnd [Optional message] (switches DND mode and optionally sets your reply message)
  • /afknotify [Optional: party, guild] (Not specifying 'party' or 'guild' will disable the appropriate notifications, specifying enables them)
  • /afkaway [Optional reply message] (Shows and optionally sets the message to be displayed when you go AFK/DND)
  • /afkreturn [Optional message] (Shows and optionally sets your AFK return message)
  • /afkreply [Optional message] (Shows and optionally sets your AFK reply message)
  • /afkstatus (Shows your current AFK status without changing anything)
  • /afkreset (Resets your AFK reply/return messages)
  • /afkui (Toggles the Settings GUI on and off)

For other addon developers: (v4.5+)

  • SLASH_AFK:GetStatus() returns either "DND", "AFK" or "active"
  • SLASH_AFK:ActionPerformed() tells 'Slash AFK' that the user is active
  • SLASH_AFK:GetSecondsSinceLastAction() returns the seconds since last activity measured (since v4.6)
  • SLASH_AFK:Loaded() returns a boolean value indicating whether the addon has been initialized completely (since v4.9)
  • SLASH_AFK:RegisterAddonMessage(msg) registers a complete message of your addon to recognize as an addon message. For recognizing when an addon speaks for the player. (since v4.9)
  • SLASH_AFK:UnregisterAddonMessage(msg) Unregisters a specific addon message. (since v4.9)
  • SLASH_AFK:RegisterAddonKeyword(msg) registers a keyword of your addon to recognize as an addon message. For recognizing when an addon speaks for the player. (since v4.9)
  • SLASH_AFK:UnregisterAddonKeyword(msg) Unregisters a specific addon keyword. (since v4.9)

Thanks to:

  • Erasor84, for German translation.
  • Roberto Mulet, for the Spanish translation.
  • Samarith, for volunteering to help with the final compatibilitytest with ComeOnIn v2.03
  • Other people who unintentionally partied with me to kill ferrets
  • Everyone who whispered me on 24-25 june 2009 to help troubleshooting version 1.0.

Once you've tried 'SlashAFK' you'll see that its a real powerhouse and just as in every good product you can choose between the basics (easy) and the advanced (More options, configurations).

Feel free to give suggestions or make requests here - Tickets


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