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Jun 19, 2010

Owner: TBDjp

This addon simplifies the standard combat log.

New Features

  • You can show time with 0.1 sec precision, which can help the optimization of the combination of attack skills (ver 1.10).
  • You can also erase damage over time type spams (ver 1.10)


  • Compatible with the latest client (patch
  • Essentially locale free, because log analysis is based on the internal strings of the client. (UI depends on locale, sorry)
  • Each log line is colored according to the type of the log. (For example, your attack, enemy's attack, your buff, and so on)
  • You can customize the line colors.
  • You can erase spam log, such as heal over time or normal attack.
  • Supports AddonManager


  • type /clm for GUI window.

Known Issues

  • Errors in opening GUI window after ReloadUI().
  • Issues related to spam log (see below).

Not checked

  • Pet related logs.

Notes on the spam log issues

The following method is used for the identification of the spam.

  1. If the same damage or heal log appears three times successively, that log is registered as the damage-over-time or heal-over-time spam.
  2. The combat log that matches any one of the damage/heal-over-time spam records is ignored.
  3. The spam record is cleared every time you log in.

There are two caveats in the step 1. Firstly, if a priest spams the same heal spell, it can be mis-registered as the heal-over-time spam. Secondly, if you have two types of heal/damage over time buff/debuff, your heal-over-time log will be interrupted by the other log and it will not be registered.


  • Thanks to Sigcz for the original idea and code. This addon initially started as the JP translation of his Combat Log Mod.
  • Thanks to Alleris for the Sol library. This addon depends on Sol, but you do not need to install it separately.


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