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nkPartyQuest is an addon providing an overview of all quest related things. At the moment it does two things:

- Provide an overview of all current quests and sharing completion status with other players
- Provide a history of all quests accepted in the game

You can access the addon by typing /nkpq in the chat editbox.

Quest status sharing

In the overview pane you can see a list of all your current quests and the completion status of you and your party members (who need to use the addon as well).

A green icon means the quest is finished
A blue icon means the player has this quest
A gray icon means the player does not have this quest

The tooltip for each quest line will give you some more details on the quest.

The quest sharing part uses a common channel for transfering quest data between chars. On login (or reloads) the addon will automatically join a preset common channel. You can check if the addon has successfully entered the channel by looking at the bottom of the GUI. If there's a green 'ONLINE' text everything is cool. But if there's a red 'OFFLINE' shown, the addon will not send / receive data thus it will not function.

Please note that it will NOT work in a mixed environment of German / English clients.

Oh and of course the addon only works if the other player(s) in your party have the addon installed as well. Obviously ...

Quest history

The second part of the addon is a quest tracker. Everytime you accept a quest the addon will store the relevant information. You can then later go back and check certain quests. Currently it works quite well, but it needs some more work. I plan to build a complete quest database for this addon. Once that's done the quest sharing part above will be much easier and will work among different client languages. Keep updating to new version to see the progress.


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