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Inventory Viewer (by The Gooch)

Have you ever wanted to know what items you had in various storage locations across multiple accounts and characters without having to visit your house or switch accounts/characters?
Have you ever wanted to know the total count of an item you had with a breakdown of which characters have it and where they stored it all in the item's tooltip?
Have you ever wanted to compare those items with what you're currently wearing?
Have you ever wanted to send other people a link to any of those items?
Well, now you can.

UnZip the file to your Runes of Magic AddOns folder and re-login to the game.
When you UnZip it you should end up with a folder similar to this:
C:\Program Files\Runes of Magic\Interface\AddOns\InventoryViewer

/ivOpen Inventory Viewer user interface (/inventoryviewer also works)
/iv optionsDisplay Inventory Viewer options panel
/iv WipeAccount AccountNameWipes out all Inventory Viewer data for the specified account
/iv [itemLink]Get Inventory Viewer info on a specific item (how many you have and where they are stored)

- You must log in as each character to populate the AddOn with initial data for each character. Don't forget to open the House Chest/Clothes Rack/Weapon Rack/Furniture for each character as this is the only way for the AddOn to record the items in there.
- Hover the mouse over items to see Inventory Viewer's enhanced tooltips (How many of this item you have, and where it is stored).
- To change the order of your characters in Inventory Viewer, hold down the SHIFT key and drag & drop the tab with the characters name to the position you want to insert it.
- To delete a character from Inventory Viewer, simply right-click on the tab with that characters name and choose "Delete". If you accidently delete the wrong character from Inventory Viewer, just log back into that character (and visit his house chest/clothes rack/weapon rack) again.
- To delete an account from Inventory Viewer, use the "/iv WipeAccount AccountName" command.
- To see all your house chests/racks/furniture, click the left or right arrow in the Inventory Viewer UI to flip through them.
- To save your equipped items into Inventory Viewer, open your Character frame ('C' by default) and click on the Inventory Viewer icon in the top-right (beside the necklage slot). Then switch equipment sets (1 or 2) and do it again.

Binding a key to Inventory Viewer:
If you want to bind a key the IV user interface, you will need to:

1) Create the following macro: "/run ToggleUIFrame(IVFrame)" without the quotes.
2) Put the macro icon on an action Bar (I put it on the hidden "Left Action Bar")
3) Bind it to your key of choice in the RoM Key Bindings menu. I am using "V" as my binding as it is beside the "B" key which I use often to open my backpack.

The above assumes you are familiar with "Macros" and "Key Bindings" options in the main menu (when you hit the ESC key).
Warning: Steps 2 & 3 need to be repeated for each character and to make things worse, again after a class swap since the action bars change per account/character/class.

The Gooch

Changes (only latest release):

- Added Phirius Token support (shows in the IV UI where the gold, rubies, diamonds, and AT charges are listed. Note, this needs better placement but will do the trick for now.
- Fixed Japanese translations, Thanks to TBDjp.
- Fixed Taiwanese translations, Thanks to matif.
- Fixed German translation, Thanks to Chemos, Fliewatuet, and C3YRoM
- Added enhanced tooltip for Crafting (Ingredients and Item you are creating)
- Added House Servant's equipment/tools
- Changed the default search result to show a more detailed display (do "/run iv token" to search for any items with "token" in the name and see what I mean)
- Searches in IV_GetListOfItemsByNameOrItemLink() are now case-insensitive
- Changed default tab from Equipment I to Furniture/House Maid items


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