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This is a simple addon that i can't believe was missing...

Have you ever been sick of having to toggle thru all five of your alt windows and set them to follow?

Have you ever wished that the afk party member could be drug along thru trash pulls?

now you don't have to wish!

login all your alt accounts and simply whisper them "#followme" (this is defferent for different languages) and they will be invited to party and accept the invite. then do it again and they will follow!

-     /whisper [your alt toons name] #followme
-     (They banter back and forth and the alt joins the party)
-     /whisper [your alt toons name] #followme or /party #followme
-     (The alt starts to follow you)

Slash command toggles the addon active/deactive
Hashtag in whisper will initialize the follow

EN: #followme  /followme  /FM
ES: #sígame  /sígame  /FM
FR: #suivez-moi  /suivez-moi  /FM
IT: #seguimi  /seguimi  /FM
DE: #followme  /followme  /FM
PL: #zamną  /zamną /FM
PT: #segue-me  /segue-me  /FM
RU: #следуют  /следуют  /FM
KO: #날따라  /날따라  /FM
ZH: #跟我  /跟我  /FM
JA: #が私に従います  /が私に従います  /FM

** Please note that all translations from english were done with the aide of Google Translate! Please let me know if they need to me revised**

version 001
- Initial Release
version 002
- added slash command to toggle active state
- fixed a couple translation issues


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